5 Reasons Seasoned Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Automation Technology


Posted on: 01 September 2016 by Sarah Parfitt

Ideas for entrepreneurs of any age to learn a few new tricks and make their jobs (and lives) a bit easier.

Seasoned entrepreneurs are often set in their ways and believe that their way is the best way. This is not always the case. Not only are you wasting time doing too much yourself, it’s adding stress to your life that makes your job become a chore. Even if you have made your life as an entrepreneur for decades, there is always room to learn something new. Entrepreneurs understand that continual education is vital for success.

Using automation technology helps entrepreneurs increase sales, improve products, and reach new audiences. It also gives you a little more time to work on growing your business or more leisure time to relax.

Increased Productivity

When you see a pile of papers on your desk or hundreds of emails requiring a reply, it becomes overwhelming. Automate your email to send an immediate response guaranteeing the sender a timeframe for your reply. Create filters within your email so that only those that spam messages are not mixed in with actual business-related emails.

Separating your email by folder, which is an option with Gmail, allows you to make sure the right subject lines and right senders are in a designated area so that their important messages are not missed.

Your company can also automate entire systems to operate on command. Implementing multiple systems increases productivity and saves time. Inputting systems helps automate and streamline business growth so that you are seeing returns on investments and increased profits faster.

Staying Active on Social Media

Being present on social media is important, but being active is necessary. You’re not likely to have time every day to login to your social media accounts to interact with users, view post performance reports, and put up new content. You can automate your social media services by scheduling posts in advance. This is just one-step in automating and growing your business.

Better Customer Service

Automating some of your business practices, such as voicemail and call forwarding options, provides better customer service. Rather than having a personal secretary fielding all of your calls, consider using a voicemail only service, like the voicemail answering service Your Virtual Office offers. This gives you the option to listen to your messages at your leisure and return the calls that require you to.

Automating your phone service helps you focus on your company rather than thinking of new ways to get telemarketers off of the phone.

Greater Returns on Investments

The cost of automating services and tasks now is high, which is why many seasoned entrepreneurs have a hard time justifying the expense. However, the return on these investments in automation technology bring larger returns on investments in the end. Seasoned entrepreneurs and startups alike should consider automating business processes for this reason.

Data-driven performance reports will show you exactly how your business is performing on every level from web content to customer service satisfaction. Algorithms and big data collection programs can be created to show an increase of profit from the time that automation technology was put into use.

Better Email Tracking and Campaigning

Implement automation tools to send newsletters, marketing campaigns, and general updates to all of your subscribers. The ability to schedule ahead of time, when emails will go out to leads, employees, or consumers helps you prepare necessary departments for an influx of inquiries. This helps you train your staff for the specific content being emailed out.

You should be using marketing automation, including email marketing, because it reduces the number of repetitive tasks completed, reduces repetitive communications, and saves time. Obtaining monthly reports for individual campaigns helps you see which automation techniques, in combination with the marketing materials, performed the best. You may find that marketing at a specific time of day draws the most interest in your business.

Final Thoughts on Reasons to Embrace Automation

Your system may have been efficient in the past, but technology is advanced now and helps businesses be more efficient, productive, and profitable. Automation is your friend in the digital age, and entrepreneurs of any skill level or age can easily implement automation technology to improve business practices and increase profits. Once you learn what each tool or automation technology program does and how it will help your business, you will wonder why you waited so long to use the technology available.  

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