Unemployment among over 50s

Posted by Gareth Hargreaves

US documentary charting experience of over 50s in the labour market mirrors the plight of older Britons looking for work.

Listening this week to the likes of George Osborne and David Cameron telling us that more tough choices were yet to come, it reminded me of an American documentary I saw a couple of years ago, which highlighted how disproportiately the burden of those tough choice was affecting one particular section of society - unemployed over 50s.

In this excerpt from the documentary Set For Life, Professor Andrew Sum looks at the reasons why so many people over 50 have been purged from the workforce and looks at the challenges and incremental cost to economy of supporting people who have paid the price of corporate greed.

The film spawned a project Over 50s Out of Work where you will find presonal video testimony of dozens of unemployed people who hit 50 - then the buffers, as they were laid off. A very familiar theme runs throughout; it is one far too many older Britons know only too well!


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