Government job scheme doomed to failure?

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From the people who brought you the YTS - another train wreck attempt to lower the unemployment figures

Try not to be unemployed any time soon

Career on the skids? No job? On the dole? Don't expect any help from this government:

The top four prime contracters of the Work Programme – all incumbents of the employment services market – will be dealing with over half of all job claimants, it has emerged. This is despite 30 organisations submitting 177 bids for 40 contracts available....

...Significant new entrants to the market appear to have been put off by the public-sector bidding process, which "boxed and shaped" innovative thinking into tick-box style forms, one provider said. He claimed would-be providers who didn't "talk the public sector language" stood little chance of succeeding. Another industry source said: "The [bidding] process was played out in a way that favoured the incumbents quite strongly."

Several bidders, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, are understood to have pulled out of bids after realising the scheme was commercially unviable...

The two main problems are obvious - a few big companies have stitched up the project and are also unable to meet demand. The project is also rather flawed to begin with, being cursed with bureacracy and a massive disjoint between the public and private sector ends of the project.

You may as well just buy a banjo and go busking.

[SOURCE: The Telegraph]

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