Women prefer miserable men

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Ladies these days, it seems, like their heroes rather Byronic or at least somewhat irritable and frowning

Don't worry, girls! He's still single

Always be sceptical when 'scientific research' is reported by the media. It's usually code for 'cherry picked findings we don't quite understand anyway':

The study suggests that flashing a 'winning smile' is not the way to a woman's heart.

Indeed, men who swagger or look gloomy are much more likely to get pulses racing.

The surprising findings may help to explain the enduring appeal of 'bad boys'.

Experts say the findings indicate that smiling men do not appear to be as strong, powerful or masculine as those who glower or who seem arrogant.

In contrast, men are far more attracted to happy, smiling women.

It is suggested this is because men prefer more approachable, submissive women.

The research, carried out by a team of psychologists, may prompt men to change their dating behaviour and update profile pictures used on dating websites...

So are you a man who's looking for that special someone? Just scowl a lot and look complicated. Apparently. Men, meanwhile, like happy cooks.

[SOURCE: The Telegraph]

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