How to Enable 2 Steps Authentications for iCloud?


Posted on: 15 May 2017 by Aleena Ghose

Enabling 2 Steps Authentications for iCloud helps to make our Apple iCloud account more secure and provide safety from hackers.

iCloud password reset criteria for 2 steps authentication of iCloud is just an effort of Apple to make iCloud more secure. Apple requires you to generate the app-specific password for the non-Apple apps that interacts with your iCloud data. Due to the growing expertise of the hackers, these steps are more required as Apple has indulged itself ever more into the financial sector.

iCloud customer service is really helpful for those, who don’t know how to make their data safer with this amazing security feature from the Apple. Users struggling to get the right aid can take the assistance of the third-party iCloud help number to generate the app-specific passwords.

Apple iCloud customer tech support help can assist Apple users in numerous ways and make their experience delightful. By approaching to a third party support you can get your job with following benefits-

  • Quick and real-time aid
  • Round the clock assistance
  • Payment after the fixation of the problem
  • Sure shot success in your endeavor
  • Eliminating the risk of privacy threats
  • Easy to understand assistance
  • Time saving

For many of the users, getting iCloud unlock free online tips can be nothing less than the rocket science. We cherish the reliability of our valuable clients with our efficient assistance. Here are few easy steps, by which you can enable 2-step authentication for iCloud mail to ensure the maximum security-

  • Go to My Apple ID.
  • Tap on “Manage your Apple ID”.
  • Then, enter your iCloud Mail email address over Apple ID under Sign In.
  • Provide your iCloud Mail password.
  • Then, Tap on Sign In.
  • Select Password and Security.
  • If prompted:
  1. Enter your answers under “Please answer your security questions” dialogue box.
  2. Tap on Continue.
  • Tap on the Get started… the link under Two-Step Verification.
  • Tap on “Continue” under Two-step verification for Apple ID.
  • Tap on “Continue” again.
  • Now, Tap on “Get Started”.
  • Tap on “Add a phone number”… under Step 1 of 4: Set up your trusted devices.
  • Make sure your country code is selected under Country.
  • Enter a phone number to receive SMS messages under Phone Number section.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • Enter the verification code received at the phone number under Verification Code.
  • Tap on “Verify”.
  • Optionally, Tap on Add another phone number to add an extra level of security.
  • Tap on “Continue”.
  • Tap on “Print Key” and print a copy of your Apple ID recovery key.
  • Enter the key from a printout of entering your Recovery Key.
  • Tap on “Confirm” button.
  • Make sure you have checked “I understand the conditions above”.
  • Tap on Enable two-step Verification.
  • Now, Tap on “Done”.

We hope that this information is useful for you to make your iCloud secure. To manage your apps and ensure a better security, you can take our iCloud unlock free online help.

We are well-versed in the art and science of providing our optimum services to our clients. All you need is to contact Apple iCloud customer service number!

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