September competition winners

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Here are the Lucky Winners for our Competitions in September 2013!

Competition winners September 2013We love competitions at 50connect and know how popular they are with our members. Here are the winners from this month's selection of competitions. Don't worry if you're not among the lucky ones this time round - we have lots more goodies coming up!

Grand Designs Live Birmingham

Deborah Fraser, Greig Spencer, Andrea Higgins, Geoff Hibbert and Shirley Lewis


Diamante do Mar Gift Box

Rachel John, Julia Wulff, Natalee Gosiewski, Eddie Britton and Micki Hobbs


Crock-Pot Saute Rice Cookers

Simon Collinge, Elaine Woolgar, Angie Skinner, Damian Rowan and Geoff Dagger



Corinne Harvey


PSP Southampton Boat Show 2013

Margaret Dunlop, David Cavender, Karen Brady and Dale Askew


Barking in Essex

Louise Asekokhai and Mark Punyer



Christina Jarrett, Amanda Rose, Helen Craigs, Steve Swider, Michael Clyma, Lorna Peppiatt, Arthur Harrington, Cliff Haylett, Debz Bailey and Lisa Wilkinson



The Motorhome & Caravan Show at NEC Birmingham

Duncan Hollingworth, David Tolchard, Pat Patterson, Luisa Lauren, Fiona Brookes, Helen Parker-Drabble, C Goldfinch, Jane Kirk, Sharon Beaman and Steven Montgomery


Aroma Spa Collection from Forever

Bohdan Kuczynski, Rose Paynter, Wendy Tolhurst and Roger Tomlinson



Georgie Pope, Pilar Lodeiro, Shelagh Milne, Yvonne Jarman and Peter Cleasby


Artisan Chocolate Gift Set from Sent With A Loving Kiss

Linda Weatherly, Louise Raffaelli, Catherine Joll, Gloria Christiansen and Jan Wroblewski


SnapBox galleries

Carol Greenfield and Stephanie Cummins.

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