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Posted by Diane Priestley

Looking for a pleasant escape from the city? Visit this exquisite lavender field in Surrey!

For a pleasant jaunt out of the city, visit the beautiful Mayfield Lavender Field in Banstead, North Surrey Downs. And don’t forget your camera!

Just one hour (20 miles) outside the hustle and bustle, you find yourself strolling peacefully through orderly rows of fragrant lavender bushes that present perfect photo opportunities at every angle.

Watch cheerful tourists performing zany antics and loved-up couples striking romantic poses amid the gentle blooms.

Mayfield is owned by Brendan and Lorna Maye who have run the 25 acre farm of English lavender since 2002.

The gift shop is brimming with irresistible goodies: country crafts, body lotions, lavender cup cakes and potted plants.

The best time to visit is July!

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