Help managing your groups

If you set up a group, you are the owner and the administrator. In essence, you decide the rules are for the group, here are some suggestions for keeping your group members happy:

Admin guidelines

If you are the owner/administrator of a group, here are some tips for cultivating a happy community:

Invite your friends and anyone you know who is interested in what you are interested in. Having group members who share a common goal is the first step to a successful group!
Visit the group daily. The health of a group comes from daily discussion, and with responses from other members of the community, in chat and on the discussion boards. 


Your group can be helped by good moderation. Think of it as housekeeping: remove any old discussion threads that are no longer relevant or events in your calendar that have expired. Regular moderation will help you see who the key members of your group are and the ones that cause trouble or don't play by the rules.  

Group harmony

This is a personal preference, we are all adults and mature language is allowed within groups at the group owner's discretion. Swear so long as you’re not offending, insulting or harassing anybody.
Presistently annoying, abusive, obnoxious people - Trolls - who are just being rude, unpleasant, and are generally trying to offend, shock and annoy people. Dealing with such people can often be difficult, but they should not go unwarned, unremoved or unbanned. Trolls can destroy a community, and often this is their goal.

Trolls thrive on attention, and often the best way to deal with them is to completely ignore them. They don't know when they are being ignored, all they know is that no one is responding to their attempts to annoy, harass or offend.

If you find someone annoying or offensive, you can block them. You can always un-block someone if you change your mind later.


Pornography and other such content or offensive materials shall not be tolerated on

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