Correcting Your Erroneous Golf Swing


Posted on: 19 February 2017 by Larry Wilson

Correcting Your Erroneous Golf Swing

The golf swing is one of the most difficult sports actions to perform and do consistently. It requires a golfer to control the golf club through a wide range of motion that requires a precise and proper technique that must be done with the exact timing. This is why you should continue to read this article to know more about golfing.

Any error on the execution of the swing, taking into consideration the timing, swing plane and the sequence, will make you fail to do the ideal golf swing. If you fail with your golf swing, then error shots, poor golf scores, and frustration follows.

Most often than not, the amateur is confused on why his or her golf swing results in errant shots in spite of the countless hours that are spent at the golf range just to improve his or her golf swing. A lot of dollars is spent on lessons every year just to swing a gold club at the driving range. Not to mention the constant purchasing of equipment until he or she finds suitable equipment.

All these expenses add up to the money spent and time allotted just to improve the golfer's swing. For many amateur golfers, their score and handicaps do not improve much. The question on how to improve their golf games lingers on.

If this is you and that question still haunts you up to this day, then the answer to that question could be staring back at you in the mirror. Maybe the drive to learn is not really in your heart? Maybe the failure to improve has nothing to do with the driver you are swinging, the teaching pro that tutors you, or even your practice routine. It could all be your physical body swinging the golf club.

You must bear in mind that the golf club does not do the mechanics of the golf swing. These mechanics do not execute themselves. It is you and your body that is executing the golf swing. Your body affects the mechanics of the gold swing.

In addition to this, the golf swing needs your body to encompass the sufficient physical fitness to execute the golf swing correctly. These qualities have levels of flexibility, balance, power and muscular strength that you must have to correctly do everything consistently. If the flexibility, strength balance and power is not stable, the so is your golf swing. Compensation will happen even before you go to the golf club.

When it comes to flexibility, for example, it requires you to draw the gold club with the use of a large range of motion. The backswing needs a full shoulder turn to turn the club in the appropriate slot for the downswing, and the final position is a mirror image of the initial backswing.

To perform these parts of the golf swing appropriately. The muscles of the body must be very flexible. Tight muscles create restrictions when it comes to movements. This will result in the limitation of the golf swing that will prevent you from hitting the ball precisely.

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