Yunique Interview


Posted on: 03 April 2018 by Ayesha Khan

Yunique Interview

OlderIsWiser: Can you talk about the first poem you wrote and what was it about?

Yunique: The first song I wrote was back during my freshman or maybe sophomore year of high school it was called “My Vow” it was about a girl vowing and promising to be there a a guy she truly cared about in every possible way. She promised to have his back love him unconditionally and just being loyal.                 

OlderIsWiser: How have you evolved over the years and how do you see yourself evolving in the future?

Yunqiue: My writing has evolved its become more mature something myself and other people can relate I’ve encountered a good amount of obstacles in my life so it’s making me more stronger and wiser and will continue to do so as time progresses.                                  

OlderIsWiser: If you could open up any business, which industry would you want to get into, and why?

Yunique: I would open up a travel industry because I LOVE to travel I love seeing all different parts of the world I don’t like being set in the same old comfort zone.             

Yunique: My EP called “Heartbreak” will be releasing either this summer or early fall, my team is also trying to put together a small promo tour this year.                                          

OlderIsWiser: Your social links?

Facebook music page: Yuniquethesinger and twitter:lovelyandsmall


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Ayesha Khan

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