Women Priests - a hard choice


Posted on: 22 April 2011 by Agatha Cheng

The issue of female clergy remains contentious

Back in March, about 600 Anglicans, including three former Anglican bishops, left the Church of England and join the Ordinates, a movement specially created for them by Pope Benedict XVI.

Nor will they be the last. More and more Anglicans are expected to follow the Ordinates' example, as they are unhappy about the Church of England's decision to ordain female bishops. Needless to say, this migration has created tension between the two churches.

So should women be allowed to become priests or even bishops? Nowadays, women are (most of the time) on equal terms with men, and so should have the same options.

Although the Anglicans and Catholics should obey their churches' doctrine, everyone should be given a chance to show their support to their churches or religions and not be limited by their age or gender.

Anglicans who plan to convert to Catholicism should also think carefully before they make their move - does a female bishop change what you believe in?

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Agatha Cheng

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