Why You Should Know an Emergency Dentist


Posted on: 04 June 2020 by Thomas Cook

The difference between regular dentistry and emergency dentistry is that in the latter, cases need immediate treatment. They involve a lot more pressure than normal dentistry.

Dr. Kaveh Kanani in Tarzana is a great dentist. One of the services he offers is an emergency dentistry.

The difference between regular dentistry and emergency dentistry is that in the latter, cases need immediate treatment. They involve a lot more pressure than normal dentistry.

When you experience tremendous pain or trauma in your oral cavity, you may not want or have the opportunity to see a regular dentist. The following are reasons why you should know an emergency dentist to help you in such cases:


Unlike a regular dentist, an emergency dentist is available all the time. The majority of dentists have regular hours after which you cannot reach them, which is disastrous in an emergency.

You do not have to make an appointment with an emergency dentist. As long as you need them, they will make themselves available for you.

You may have to pay extra for the service but, it will be worth it.

Specialized Training

Another reason you will want to know an emergency dentist is that they are specifically trained to handle emergency situations. Without the training, the pressure of an emergency may result in devastating consequences.

Most family dentists are not trained to handle trauma cases. They are only trained to handle cases where they can be adequately prepared, which is impossible to do in an emergency.

Experience on how to conduct yourself in emergency situations cannot be bought. You will want a dentist who can stay calm under the worst of conditions when you’re choosing an emergency dentist.

Better Results

Even though a regular dentist may be able to perform a dental procedure in an emergency, it is highly doubtful that they will be able to replicate the results of an emergency dentist. You simply get better results in trauma cases if you have an experienced emergency dentist handling your case.

Better results pertain to many elements of dental work including appearance, recovery time, and efficiency. It also means that the results last longer than if a regular dentist were to conduct the procedure, with less chance of side effects too.

Less Risk of Wrongdoing

There is also less risk of things going wrong, which can be deadly in trauma cases. When fixing the mouth of someone who was just in a car accident or who has been shot, the margin for error is razor-thin.

An emergency doctor with adequate training should be able to handle the situation calmly and conduct it in a way that has as little chance of harm as possible. They will be able to calmly make the right decisions when it counts.

Customized Treatment

When you go to a regular dentist with a root canal, they will probably recommend the procedure they have recommended for other patients with the same condition. However, when a person’s jaw has been broken by a baseball bat, the dentist will treat the condition in a manner best suited to the situation. You are able to receive treatment that is custom-tailored to your exact needs with an emergency doctor.

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George Hesson posted 12 December 2020

Some non-urgent dental issues can cause discomfort. It can be difficult at times for patients to determine if their concerns count as an emergency or not. It is a good idea to contact an emergency dentist for a a tooth problem that causes moderate to severe pain.

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