Why You Should Hire Overnight Security Guards


Posted on: 01 February 2020 by Dan Redd

Criminal activities are most likely to be committed by those shrouded in darkness. During the night, your business and its assets can become prime targets for burglary if left unsecured.

Leaving your business vulnerable, can lead to thousands of dollars of lost merchandise or other equipment.  While you may be hesitant to make the investment, overnight security will pay for itself by preventing theft and even liability issues.  Leave your business in the secure hands of competent guards and rest easy tonight!

Are Guards Really the Best Option?

Don’t fall for the lie that every security guard is equal.  It will be imperative that you select a security company that supplies guards with training specific to handling potential threats during the night.  Having just any old guard present will not protect your business fully if he or she is unfamiliar with how to react during a variety of high stress situations.  Additionally, always choose a security company that monitors their guards.  The night shift can be long and at times boring.  However, you always want your guards to be at the top of their game as to ensure they can react quickly and efficiently when a threat does occur.  Choose security companies that periodically have upper management stop in unannounced to check up on their nighttime guards.

You may assume that your business is protected so long as someone is watching over the building.  This is a grave misconception.  Hiring an untrained employee could result in a hostage or dangerous situation if a threat were to occur.  Furthermore, organized heists often target employees beforehand, convincing them to take part in pulling off the crime.  A regular employee will simply not be equipped to appropriately handle an emergency and will be your liability if they are injured or killed while on duty.

Many business owners assume that their assets and equipment will be fine if they keep it locked up overnight.  This is certainly a better idea than doing nothing at all, but your assets will still remain vulnerable without the presence of skilled security guards.  Consider that businesses housing large, expensive equipment may not be able to keep their assets behind lock and key overnight.  This will allow robbers easy access to your most expensive items.  Consider that those involved in robberies are often adept at overcoming difficulties, such as locks and doors.  Robbers are certainly not concerned with the law and are known to be schooled in picking locks and forcibly breaking and entering.

If you own a business with vulnerable assets, you need to hire nighttime security guards.  There are guards for every need with specialized training relevant to the night watch.  You can even choose whether you prefer guards that are armed or unarmed.  Professional guards will develop a security plan tailored to the needs of your business, anticipating any scenario and developing a planned response.  Security guards can be vigilant and alert, constantly monitoring security footage and stopping threats before they become serious.  Regular patrols of your grounds will also deter and address any suspicious or criminal activities.  Consider if nighttime security could be the right choice for your business.

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