Why You Should Consider Breakdown Insurance When Travelling Abroad


Posted on: 09 October 2014 by William Freddy Hope

Both me and my wife love cars and travelling so naturally we go on some splendid road trips! Just see the photo we took. But after conversing with a lot of my friends they fear the idea of a breakdown due to high costs. Unfortunately not everyone's pension is plush so here is a piece we wrote about a service we use. Hope it helps!

The option of driving to your holiday destinations on the European continent is appealing to many holidaymakers for a number of reasons; perhaps most significantly is for the ease and control you feel from leisurely taking your own vehicle at a time that suits you, but also for the fact you can take in lots of different sights and sounds with your loved ones that you’d otherwise miss in the cabin of a plane at 38,000 feet.

That being said, there is something that could unfortunately ruin this experience for you and your passengers, something that could turn your dream holiday into a nightmare and that is if you were to breakdown or crash – particularly if you don’t have any breakdown insurance.

Worst Case Scenarios

There’s no set rule that says you must have breakdown insurance if you intend to drive abroad and a surprising amount of people simply choose not to take out a policy. What these individuals are failing to take into consideration though is the danger they are putting themselves and their families in.

Consider the following situation: you’re in the UK without breakdown cover and you either breakdown through mechanical failure or have a minor accident that leaves your car immobile. More often than not your insurance company can arrange for your car to be picked up and taken to a garage, yes you claim through your insurer but you invariably will be taken care of.

Now consider the same situation but you are driving abroad in Europe: comprehensive insurance can cover the costs of having your vehicle towed to a garage and fixed, but not all policies offer this on the continent and again you may need to claim. It is worse still if you only have a third-party insurance policy as you could find yourself paying for these expenses. What compounds the situation further is the potential language barriers that you may have trying to communicate the issue to foreign garages and towing companies.

All in all not the best situation to be in.

The Simple Solution

By taking out a European Breakdown Cover Policy from a professional firm like Breakdown Solutions Limited  you not only give yourself the security of knowing that should the worst happen, you will be covered 24/7 by a provider that can deal with your problems in your language.

For the relatively minor-cost of such a policy you could get back priceless peace-of-mind, so don’t take the risk and make sure you get covered properly before you travel.

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