Why Choose a Walnut Serving Tray?


Posted on: 19 February 2019 by Eric Howell

Why Choose a Walnut Serving Tray?


Wooden serving tray has a long history. It has been around for centuries as one of the essential kitchen accessories.

Although some may not see trays as paramount in the kitchen, however, using this equipment makes serving easier and faster. Using a tray helps you to transfer two or three platters of food from the kitchen to the dining table at once. It is quite efficient in saving time and effort. Likewise, it is the most convenient kitchen accessory ever made.

Today, serving trays come in different materials, design, size, and style. You can see it from the wide selection of this item in the market and through online stores.

Though some manufacturers prefer creating plastics and stainless steel trays, some are still sticking to the traditional ways. Some companies continue to create old-fashioned walnut serving trays.

Walnut serving trays are quite charming. The vintage look and elegance of this equipment make it unique. It is one of the reasons why some restaurants and hotels favor using a walnut serving tray instead of the modern version of this kitchen equipment.

Why Choose a Walnut Serving Tray?

You are probably wondering what makes this accessory different compared to the rest. Aside from its beauty, using a walnut serving tray with handles has several benefits. Found here below is the list of the things you can expect and gain from this item.

#1 Perfect for Business and Personal Use

Using a stunning walnut wood serving tray would definitely wow your guests at home. A wooden tray adds a rustic and classic appeal to your kitchen. Also, you can use this type of serving tray for your restaurant or dinner. It matches perfectly with a homey and country-style diner interior.

#2 Extremely Durable

Walnuts are one of the toughest woods. It is why walnut is usually used in making furniture as well as other kitchen accessories like cutting boards. Hence, this wood can make a guaranteed durable serving tray.

A walnut tray won’t easily break or get damaged despite regular use, unlike plastic serving trays. Also, it can handle different temperatures without damaging the surface. You can use this tray to serve hot soup or even ice.

#3 Easy to Clean

Walnut serving trays are easy to clean. All you need is to wash the tray with water and soap to remove the remaining food debris, stain, and smell.

Moreover, walnut wood is more hygienic compared to plastic. Germs and bacteria do not stick on the surface. On the other hand, it does not have harmful chemicals that might cause health problems.

#4 Environment-Friendly

Switching plastic serving tray with a wooden one is a good step towards protecting nature.

A walnut wooden tray can last for several years; thus, you won’t have to buy replacements each year for this item. Furthermore, a wooden tray is 100% environmentally safe.

Are you planning to buy a walnut wooden serving tray?

If you want one of these eco-friendly serving trays, all it takes is to check out the Virginia Boys Kitchens.

The Virginia Boys Kitchen is a website with various collections of walnut serving trays in different sizes and prizes. You can see samples of these wooden serving trays through Virginia Boys Kitchens official website.

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