Why can’t you watch Austrian TV Abroad


Posted on: 31 October 2019 by Jessica Jones

Maybe you’ve tried to log into your ORF live stream account abroad

Maybe you’ve tried to log into your ORF live stream account abroad and can’t seem to access it. There’s nothing wrong with your internet, it’s to do with the licencing surrounding the content. It can be quite annoying to run into this problem, especially if you love watching your favourite shows online.

Why is this happening?

Content is only licensed in certain geographical locations. As soon as you leave that location you will no longer be able to watch that content. This is how content producers make money – by selling their licencing across multiple countries to the highest bidders. It’s great for them, but a nuisance for when you want to orf live stream im ausland. You will constantly be met with errors. You might be able to connect to the website, but every time you try to watch something you will be met with a ‘This content is not available in your location’ message. In other cases you won’t even be able to connect to the website.

How do they know where I am?

Your IP address is your online identity and one of the most basic things it can tell people is where you’re from. Each country has its own unique IP addresses, so whenever you connect to a website they know exactly where you are connecting from.

Can I prevent this?

Luckily you are not alone in this problem. Many people try to connect to local content while travelling abroad, and there is a very easy solution to it. All you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). These little wonder tools can be used for quite a few internet-related things, including helping you access your favourite Austrian TV while abroad.

Remember how we said your IP address is your online identity. Well, VPNs allow you to disguise this online identity. Think of it as a sort of master of disguise, that can prevent people from knowing who you are, where you are from, and what you are doing. This is great for both security purposes and for accessing content that you might not normally be able to.

All you have to do is find the right VPN, subscribe to it, and connect. If you want to connect to orf 1 live stream ausland then you will want to choose an Austrian server. Now when you connect to the website, they will see an Austrian IP address and allow you to access their servers.

Is it legal?

VPNs are 100% legal and the companies that you buy them from are all well-established and reliable. If you are streaming content that you have paid for, then you are not actually doing anything illegal – although it is a bit of a grey area, considering it is often a breach of the company’s ‘terms of use’. Regardless, if you have paid for something by law you are entitled to it. As long as you don’t take it a step further and use a VPN to hide your activity when illegally downloading content, you’re perfectly within your rights to use them to watch your favourite Austrian content abroad. 

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