Why Being a Grandparent Is So Much Better Than Being a Parent


Posted on: 08 September 2017 by Tracey Clayton

What better way to spend the ‘golden years’ than in the company of those whose lives you’ve helped create.

Many agree that being a parent is the most important and the most rewarding job a person can have. And while being a parent is definitely an amazing and beautiful gift, being a grandparent can be even more so. There’s just this amazing and magical connection grandparents have with their grandkids. Being a grandparent brings special kind of joy and love into a person’s life along with some other positive emotions. So, while being a parent is amazing, there are more than a few reasons why being a grandparent is even more amazing.

No need to rush

The huge benefit grandparents have which they didn’t when their own children were young is time. This means that there is no need to stress out about work, school, paying the mortgage and bills and a thousand other stressful things. There are no more responsibilities which can overwhelm parents; in fact, grandparents can simply help out their children by watching their grandchildren a couple of hours a day, and that’s it. Being a grandparent means enjoying the time they have with their family without having to rush through life in order to complete all those duties which hang over their heads.

Grandchildren make grandparents feel young again

Sometimes it’s impossible not to feel like a child while looking at a bunch of kids playing and laughing their hearts out. So, while being a grandparent usually means plenty of wrinkles and having some sort of ache every day, it impossible not to get carried away with that youthfulness only children can bring. Spending time with grandkids means playing down on the floor; running through the park and laughing just because. And when it’s time for bed, it’s the grandparents who have the best bed time stories and some wisdom to impart, as well as some life-long lessons grandchildren will remember for the rest of their lives.

No one spoils better than grandparents

No parent wants to spoil their children.However, it almost seems like it’s grandparents’ job to spoil their grandkids. This is because grandparents will want to give their grandchildren those things they couldn’t give their own kids. This is why they’ll buy the best presents. Even when it comes to pets, no grandparent will oppose to the grandkid’s desire to get a pet. Grandparents get to simply show up with a puppy and a big bag of Royal Canin dog food just because their favorite grandchild wanted a dog.  So, while parents are the ones to say ‘no’, grandparents are there to give only unconditional love and support.

No boring stuff

Parent’s meetings, doctor and dentist appointments, constant questioning whether the chores and homework are done; this is all a huge part of parents’ lives but not grandparents’. Grandparents don’t have to do these boring things, instead, they get to take their grandkids to the zoo, for ice cream, to the playground and all the other fun stuff. Being a grandparent means to enjoy the retirement while creating beautiful memories which the grandkids will cherish forever.

They get to go home

The best thing about being a grandparent is the fact that once a kid starts throwing a temper tantrum, their parents get to take them home while grandparents get to stay in their own peaceful home. Being a grandparent means no sleepless nights, no changing diapers, no dealing with rebellious teenagers. Grandparents get to take the good things, and let their children deal with not so good ones. This is due to the fact that their job is already done and it’s their children’s time to raise their own kids.

What better way to spend the ‘golden years’ than in the company of those whose lives you’ve helped create. Not only will the grandchildren cherish their time spent with grandpa and grandma, but their parents will cherish and appreciate their parents even more. So really, being a grandparent is definitely something to look forward to. 

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