Why Are So Many People So Attracted To Cyprus Holidays


Posted on: 28 August 2018 by Becky Derbs

This Is Why You Should Consider Cyprus for Your Holidays. Here we look at why are so many people so attracted to Cyprus holidays and what the island truly has to offer.

If somewhere is already popular, then surely there must be something in that? If a holiday destination such as Cyprus consistently tops the most visited places then the question is – are you missing out by not going? Rather than taking the view that you wish to avoid the crowds rather than follow them, perhaps it is time to recognise a simple fact, perhaps all of these people are not wrong after all. So here we look at why are so many people so attracted to Cyprus holidays and what the island truly has to offer – if you’re thinking that maybe you made your mind up too quickly after all then read on for more.

More Than A Holiday
Some have taken their journey one step further, and have looked to up sticks and move to Cyprus gaining their citizenship through investment. It is possible for an individual to obtain a Cypriot (and hence European Union) passport simply by investing in business on the island. In addition you offered tax incentives, dual citizenship and visa free travel to 157 countries together of course with the right to reside on the beautiful island itself. The sums involved may not be insignificant – currently 2 million euros – but that hasn’t deterred many from making their decision.

Regardless of whether the trip is to relocate for 2 weeks or for good, the reasons for doing so do not change. Here are some are the top reasons as to why Cyprus is so popular. 

Sea And Sand
There can be no question about it, the beaches on Cyprus are amazing. Add to this the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea and you’ll feel like you’ve landed in paradise. There are many beaches to choose from, from the popularly frequented to the isolated and peaceful.

The east coast has white sand and turquoise waters ideal for swimming and scuba diving. The southern beaches roll on seemingly forever and are great to stroll along slowly whilst staring out to sea. If you want seclusion, then head to the coves in the western areas. There’s more too, not only are the beaches wonderful, you’ll be enjoying some of the best weather available as it is sunny most of the year round – approximately 340 days of the year. The third largest Island in the Mediterranean has both a great climate and wondrous places in which to enjoy it! 

Many places that you’ll visit will probably offer you one culture at a time, whereas Cyprus can offer two. The island is split between the majority Greek population and the smaller Turkish one. Its capital, Nicosia, is the only divided capital in the world and the cultural diversity is greatly evidenced here. It is more than possible to feel like you are visiting two countries at the same time rather than just the one!

This cultural diversity can be evidenced in the cuisine and food that you’ll get to sample and taste during any visit. Again the split will be between traditional Greek and Turkish dishes, but this means that there is more to choose from and enjoy during your stay. There is a clear difference between the cuisines on offer, but the best way to experience it all is to try a little of everything.

The countryside is blessed with both natural and man-made beauty. Set within the natural environment are the traditional villages who are always welcoming of visitors in the usual warm and hospitable Cypriot way. The people are friendly and happy, open and honest and are joyous to meet. There is an obvious peaceful harmony between the humans and the surrounding nature which can be felt the moment you immerse yourself in it. This is a fundamental reason why people come, and moreover return on their travels. 

No doubt you’ll have thought about the beaches, but many forget the rest of the landscape and how beautiful it is. There are mountains on Cyprus that, despite the heat and sunshine, are snow covered during the winter because of their altitude. You probably didn’t think you could go skiing whilst on the island, but you can! What they offer as well is a break from the searing temperatures experienced at sea level that can invigorate the mind body and soul at the same time. 

What you consider fun will of course reflect from your own personality, but there is the opportunity for fun in many different forms on the island. There are the recognised areas populated by the younger generations, but whatever your age, you will find a place to enjoy your days and nights. 

Although you will of course be visiting the island in the current day, there is a recognised history of at least 10,000 years. A timespan this wide will cover many historical events and you can investigate them during your visit. There are monuments and museums together with mosques and ruins to explore. You’ll feel a sense of history and time simply by being in the presence of the exhibits and artefacts. 

Although it is a sad reflection on the difficulties that the World faces today, you do need to consider your own safety and the safety of your travelling companions when it comes to selecting your holiday destinations. The good news is that the crime rate in Cyprus is very low indeed, in fact it is the lowest in Europe according to reported figures. Whilst having to think of this before booking a trip is perhaps disappointing, it is something that needs to be considered, and anywhere that is considered the safest has to be a possibility. 

Getting Around
Many simple go to their resort and stay put. But not everybody wants to do this, and indeed some seek out additional adventures whenever they are abroad. Although it is an island, Cyprus offers a well-constructed and maintained road network that allows journey across and around the island itself. So if you fancy an excursion, but not at the prices being offered by the holiday company, or moreover if you’d rather just go with your own group, then it is perfectly easy, and probably cheaper, to rent a car and head off in one of many directions. 

Perhaps one of the biggest draws is the climate itself. Places always look more beautiful and are much easier to enjoy and experience when they are bathed in sunshine. Indeed the climate is perhaps the biggest factor in people deciding to relocate to the island.

It has one of the most stable and warmest climate in Europe. Picture this, an average annual temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. The winters are even warm too, and there are very few rainy days to spoil a trip. You can realistically expect it to be hot and dry with an average of 3000 sunshine hours per year. Compare this to some places in the UK where the average is less than 1200 and you’ll be thinking that the climate is more or less perfection – at the very least you can leave your umbrellas at home!

The Cypriot way of life offers a perfect balance between work and relaxation, with long sunny days in a stress free atmosphere set in beautiful surroundings. It truly is an idyllic Mediterranean way of life which is why so many want to experience it, and some even choose it for themselves.

These are some of the key reasons why so many people are attracted to Cyprus in the first place, but there are so many more. Whether you long for better or more reliable weather; whether you like relaxing or adventure; if you love cuisine and culture; or if you simply want to escape from your own world, then Cyprus can help you do so. Whether your plan is for some short term escapism; a little bit of fun in the sun; a climate where you can predict tomorrow’s weather; or as a place to which you will relocate, then in choosing Cyprus you are making a great decision.

If you’ve never been before, perhaps you’ll now consider changing this. If you have previously dismissed the thought, then perhaps it is time to think again. There are many reasons why Cyprus would be right for you, the question is simply will you allow yourself the chance to enjoy them? Surely it is time for you to find out just exactly what you’ve been missing out on for all these years…


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