Which Language one should learn JAVA or Python?


Posted on: 21 November 2018 by sam bawa

Java and Python are the languages which are used by software developers to develop various software and applications. But if we go by the latest TIOBE Programming Community Index, Java is more popular than Python.

Apart from the popularity, both programming languages are widely used for both machine learning and data science. But they come with so many differences which make them different and the user can choose as per the need. So today we will be discussing some of the key differences in both the languages.

What is the difference between Java and Python? Let's find out!

Type of Programming Language

Python and Java both are high-level programming languages. But if we go on the depth, Python is an interpreted programming language while Java is a compiled programming language. In the case of Python, the developers need to use operating system-specific Python interpreters to run the code in python. But in Java, the code is first compiled into bytecode which only needs Java Virtual Machine to run in any machine. Java has an advantage over Python in this case, as Java code is easily portable while Python codes not possible to port.

Programming Paradigm Support

Both the languages use common programming paradigms. Python is an object oriented programming language, and it also supports functional, imperative, and procedural programming paradigms. Java is also an object-oriented language which is originally designed to support concurrent and class-based programs as well. The evolving of Java is continuously going on.

Code Readability

Code readability is one of the great factors which is looked upon while choosing a programming language for a particular application. Python focuses explicitly on code readability. It is more preferable as it avoids writing additional code and keep applications maintainable. But the case is different from Java, extra time and effort is needed to be put by the developers to maintain the readability of the Java code.

Mobile App Development

Java is one of the favourite languages which are used by the developers for any software application. Java offers more options to the beginners and the developers as well to develop the application as per the client need. But with Python, they need to put extra effort while developing an application. You can see many developers focusing more on Java as there is a high demand for this language in the IT sector.

Learning Curve

Going by the data from different studies, the beginners find it easier to learn Python to Java. The syntax is python is easier to learn and practice. But many learners focus more on learning Java as this is the most widely accepted language to build mobile apps for the Android platform.

So, these were some of the basic differences between these languages. You can also look at some of the online portals for better guidance related to these languages.



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