What's the Time Mr. Wolf?


Posted on: 18 December 2014 by Louise Williams

As someone who is obsessed with knowing the time, I always wear a watch. And at bedtime it's propped up beside me, enabling me to check when I wake during the night and for how long my insomnia refuses to let me have my much-needed sleep.

Even on holiday, in the hottest, stickiest climbs (when it's a case of peeling the strap off at the end of the day) you'll find one on my wrist. So when my forty-year-old watch finally bit the dust, it was a frantic rush to find a replacement. This proved more difficult than I'd anticipated.

Neglected Demographic

Like so many aspects of fashion, most watch design is not aimed at the 'well seasoned' market; it's the 18 to 40 bracket that most of the high street brands are catering to, which is short-sighted, as we're the demographic that's growing exponentially. I went into one well-known jewellery chain and was encouraged by the assistant (who looked all of twelve) to try on some staggeringly inappropriate designs. One was bright orange with a rubber strap (great if you're lost at sea perhaps). Another was so heavy I could've used it as a lethal weapon (if I'd been able to lift it). Others had so many gizmos that I couldn't even tell what time it was. My least favourite had a black dial with no numbers at all – just hands and a diamond at the 12 o'clock position, which for someone with mild cataracts was just a joke.

Classical and User-friendly

I think what most people my age require in a wristwatch is something attractive and classically styled; a dial that is simple to read without being oversized (I'm not there yet) and a bracelet strap that's easy to put on and remove. The date is useful too but that's the only complication I'll ever use. Analogue or digital is down to personal choice; I prefer analogue as I think it's more feminine, but it needs to be one that can be read in the dark. Digital often have a light though, which can be useful. No whistle, no built-in radio – just a lovely, easy to see watch. I was growing quite despondent, when a friend recommended Market Cross Jewellers, which is wear I eventually found my replacement. It's good to know that there are watch manufacturers that don't just design for the younger market. I hate the expression 'Does what it says on the tin' but it's very apt in this case, plus it's absolutely beautiful. And yes, it props up nicely on my bedside table.

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