What Type of Lapel Pin Style Should you Choose?


Posted on: 21 August 2018 by Ryan Washington

What Type of Lapel Pin Style Should you Choose?

Lapel pins have varying styles; each pin style is created using different materials, color, and layout. The reason behind the diversified styles is to allow individuals to choose a pin that will suit for a particular occasion. If you are searching for a custom pin, check out first the different pin style to learn more and see which one matches your needs. 

#1 Soft Enamel

A soft enamel lapel pin shows a simple and traditional style. The metal part is raised the color is recessed. The purpose of this style is to give more focus on the depth and design of the pin. You can add choose to add color on your pin using this style. In addition, this style has a protective layer of epoxy on the top to prevent the color from fading. Likewise, this pin is lighter compared to other pin styles. It is also highly affordable yet durable and long lasting. 

Soft enamel pins are perfect for organizations, business, private groups, clubs and the likes. 

#2 Cloisonne

At first glance, cloisonne is somewhat similar to soft enamel. However, this pin style is very far from the former style described. Cloisonne uses color and metal to show your message or design. The colors are the pin is outlined separating from the metal. This pin is one with the highest quality since it is thicker and heavier. Therefore, it won’t break or get damaged by frequent use. This pin style is ideal for recognition, awards, military, and organizations. 

#3 Die Struck

If you are looking for a simple, classic and elegant pin style, consider choosing a die struck pin. This type of lapel pin style uses no enamel colors. The surfaces are all raised metals that are polished, recessed and sandblasted to get an even texture. The embossed style of the pin exudes elegance and a classic appearance proving more impact on the design. A die struck pin is available in different metals. You can choose from brass and copper plated with either gold or silver. If you prefer the vintage style and sophistication of die struck, you can get samples of this pin at this website

#4 Photo Etched

Are you looking for a high-quality pin for awarding and recognition, but you are out of budget for Cloissone type? A photo-etched style is a great alternative to cloisonne. This pin has a similar high-standard look to cloisonne, but here’s the catch. You can save more budgets using this pin style and at the same time get the quality you need.  This type of pin can achieve small details. The outlines and colors are at the same level. Moreover, this pin is lightweight despite its large size. This pin is ideal for trading, clubs and for corporate purposes. 

Have you chosen what type of pin style suits best your needs? 
If you are still at loss, you can view on this website the samples of each pin styles. This source can guide you on which pin is perfect for specific occasions. 

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