What to Wear for Your First Post-Divorce Date


Posted on: 16 February 2015 by Pano Savvidis

Going through a divorce is difficult, no matter what the circumstances. It may be quite some time since you were single and the prospect of meeting new people and trying to make a meaningful connection is daunting. After a divorce, you will need time to re-evaluate your life, reconnect with yourself and take some time to regroup. After this adjustment period, it is time to re-enter the dating world.

Here is how to dress in a way that will impress, and instil you with confidence, on your first post-divorce date.

Outfits for Ladies

The most important thing is to feel comfortable. Are you a dress and skirt person? Or do you live in jeans or trousers? There is nothing worse than wearing an outfit that makes you feel self conscious, so stick to what you know.

For a dinner date, choose a sophisticated knee length dress with waist embellishment, tailored trousers with a silky feminine blouse, or a slimming wrap dress in a floral print. If in doubt, stick to neutral tones and add splashes of colour with a red clutch bag and matching kitten heels.

For daytime, you can be more casual. Look to Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts and Carol Vorderman for inspiration. While they all look glamorous on the red carpet, they look equally sophisticated in jeans. Be comfortable and wear a casual summer dress or choose deep indigo jeans with a shirt or blouse.

Ideas for Men

The same rule applies to men as to women: to make the best possible impression, you need to wear an outfit that makes you feel confident.

For an evening date, it may be best to steer clear of a suit, unless you have reserved a famously hard-to-find table at a Michelin star restaurant. Instead, wear a pair of chinos with a shirt and a tie – Knightsbridge Neckwear offer a great range in luxury fabrics.

If you have a daytime date, whether you are meeting for lunch, going for a picnic, or a summer time walk, you can relax your look. George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan look smart in a tuxedo, but they know how to pull off a casual outfit, too. Opt for a pair of smart jeans with a casual shirt and add boat shoes. 


Remember it is natural to be nervous and it may take a while before you meet someone who has common interests. But hopefully these basic tips will help you feel ready for your first post-divorce date.

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Sidney Prescott posted 13 April 2020

Divorce is very complicated. Thanks for writing these tips, they are very invigorating.
After my marriage broke up, I completely stopped believing in myself, began to dress worse and practically did not leave home. There were many difficult stages in the process of divorce: at first I found out that my husband has a mistress, it broke me; then I started looking for a good divorce service, I had to study a lot of reviews of online divorce services before I found a suitable one. Then I filled out all the papers, moved from our house, where we lived a happy 10 years, and became depressed. So a month passed, I didn't believe that I would have a happy life without a husband,  I was so used to him. But he did not call me at all, even when he received the documents... But nothing. Over time, I came to my senses and would like to go on a date with a guy whom I recently met on a dating site. Thanks again!

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