What to know about Australia's Ageing Population


Posted on: 02 May 2019 by Emma Parsons

As Australia becomes home to one of the oldest populations in the world, there are renewed calls for improved community service and aged care services to assure there are plenty of assistive services to these age groups.

As Australia becomes home to one of the oldest populations in the world, there are renewed calls
for improved community service and aged care services to assure there are plenty of assistive
services to these age groups.
In 2018, more than 1 in 7 Australians was over 65 years old, which equates to just under 3.8
million people. However, at the age of 65, there isn’t too much assistance requested by these age
Though over the next ten to twenty years, Australia may be looking at a crisis if the number of
community service workers doesn’t grow to meet demand, which is why online educators such as
Australis College are working hard to change that.
Fortunately today the community services industry is growing at explosive rates to catch up to
demand, which has resulted in more than one in four newly created jobs being in the community
services field. A 23 per cent growth in the industry’s employment has also created a stable industry
for new workers and graduates looking for jobs in community service.
Let’s take a look at a summary of Australia’s ageing population and its effect on the economic
Health and Fitness
To begin, there are health issues that have made their way from unhealthy lifestyle choices early in
life that ageing Australians may need help for which include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure
and types of cancer that develop as a result of poor lifestyles.
Keeping all of this in mind, Australia may soon be dealing with an epidemic of incredible
proportions as a result of earlier generations who didn’t focus too heavily on the longevity of their
health. Older Australians may be more likely than future generations to be in and out of hospitals or
require ongoing care, which means more strain on the community services industry.
To summarise, however, the story is relatively mixed when it comes to older Australians. Although
a number of Australians over the age of 65 are predicted to deal with severe health problems in the
future, there are others expected to have little to none at all.
Employment and Retirement
When we take a look into the employment and retirement statistics of older Australians, there is a
somewhat surprising number that jumps out at us. More and more of those over the age of 65
continue to work; in fact, the number of over-65 workers has almost doubled since 2006. This is
excellent news when it comes to the disposable incomes of those over 65 and their ability to afford
aged care on their own or pay various bills and mortgages.
In 2006 just 8 per cent of those over 65 had an ongoing role in the workforce, whereas in 2018 that
number had jumped to 13 per cent , with many analysts suggesting this number may climb higher in
the coming decades.
As various studies and research projects have shown us, Australians and senior Australians, in
particular, have little intention of retiring and living out their years holidaying or in retirement
villages. A large portion of these ageing Australians still intends to work at least part-time after the
age of 70, which is unexpected, though relatively significant for the economy.
Caring for Australia’s Ageing Population
Although a high number of Australians continue to work throughout their ‘retirement years’ we are
still looking at a significant jump in the number of Aussies in the seniors club, and of course, this
means that aged care services are going to need to grow quite substantially to keep up.
By 2050 there is expected to be almost 2 million Australians over the age of 85, which would mean
that deciding on a career in community service is an excellent idea in the long-term. The Australian
government has also begun investing heavily in these careers and also launched various online
portals for Australian seniors.
A number of online educators are now also focusing on offering community service courses that
allow students to pathway into aged care services, such as the Australis College mentioned above.
These courses have high upward mobility and also guarantee incredible career returns as the
community service industry grows with Australia’s ageing population.

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