What Problems To Look For In A Garage Door – Garage Door Repairs


Posted on: 11 May 2017 by Suzanne Suzanne01

you cannot fix it yourself and you need professional service for that

The garage door of your house is as important as the front door of your house but its importance can only be felt when something goes wrong with it. Garage door repairs can be quite expensive however with a little help, you can get over with the garage door repairing process yourself at home without calling any professionals.

If the garage door of your house is not working as it should or has stopped working altogether, you need to look for the problems in the garage door yourself if you want to save yourself some bucks. If you think you cannot carry out the garage door repairs yourself, it is best to call in the professional help to repair your garage door.

Problems to Look for in a Garage Door:

Before setting out on a path of finding the problems in the garage door, make sure to put the safety measures in check so that you do not end up hurting yourself. Make sure that the power supply to the garage door is cut off before indulging into the process.

Problems in Metal Tracks:

A garage door can become malfunctioned because of a number of problems. Let us check the problems that can result in malfunctioned garage door. First of all, bumpy metal tracks of the door can cause a problematic functionality. Check the metal tracks of the door to make sure there aren’t any bumps or dents on it. If there are, use a hammer to clear it.

Loosen bolts and screws can also cause problems to the garage door. Check this issue and if you find any, you know what to do. Filthy metal tracks can also be an issue as well. The metal tracks should also be aligned properly for normal functionality. If the garage door opener problem lies within the tracks, you cannot fix it yourself and you need professional service for that.

Problems in Rollers & Rails:

Rollers and rails of the garage door can also become a serious cause of the problematic garage door. Sometimes a gooey sticky material is formed in between the rollers and rails causing the door to get stuck. Clean this substance using soap to clear it.

Do not forget to check out the spring that is used by the garage door. If it is simply a standard extension, you can fix it yourself but if it is torsion spring, you need professional help.

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