What factors are involved in healthy living?


Posted on: 16 October 2020 by Joe Parker

In today's article we will see all the factors that intervene in a healthy life



The World Health Organization defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being", which makes us think that, well-being is not only a matter of eating well or exercising, but it goes much further. In this way, in today's article we will see all the factors that intervene in a healthy life.

It is important that we bear in mind that, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is not enough to eat well, but our body and mind must be in harmony. Although it seems simple, there are many people who do not manage to achieve that balance in which we feel completely good about ourselves. Normally, this happens when we do not give importance to factors that really have it, for this reason, today we will see what they are and how we should change them.

Healthy life habits

As we all know, a healthy life starts from the inside, for this reason, following a balanced diet can be our best ally to feel good and improve our habits. For this, it is necessary that we include all the foods contemplated in the nutritional pyramid and in the proportions that it is recommended. The energetic value that we should consume daily is between 30 and 40 kilocalories per kilo of weight. You can find out in detail how the food pyramid works with wowessay, who carefully selected the best studies of this kind in the category of nutrition science.

On the other hand, it is very important that we eliminate those habits that are toxic to our health. Among these habits we can find tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. These elements affect our health in a very negative way, so we must avoid them completely to help improve our organism. As for wine and beer, we can drink them, but only in a moderate way and not excessively.

Of course, physical exercise is another factor that cannot be missing if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If we do not have much time throughout the day, the best thing we can do is to exercise every day for about 30 minutes, this is more than enough to eliminate calories and strengthen our body.

Both hygiene and exposure to toxic products intervene in our health. On the one hand, we must wash ourselves daily to eliminate the dirt accumulated in our body and, in this way, avoid all types of infections. We must also take this concept of cleanliness home with us.

Finally, mental health is essential to feel good about ourselves and our body, our emotional state directly affects our health, and if we do not feel good, we can develop some pathologies. For this, it is also necessary to carry out social relationships that make us feel loved and useful.


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Abdul Ghaffar posted 28 November 2020

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Elma Davis posted 12 March 2021

Healthy diet and exercise are the most important factors of living happy and healthy life. It has been difficult for working people to manage their lives. Being a working woman for executive cv writing uk, I tried to manage these healthy life habits and if one can follow these habits he/she can never be into problems.

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