What candle packaging materials are used to maintain the delicacy of candles?


Posted on: 28 May 2019 by mark jelous

Candles are a symbol of love, passion, illumination, humility, and light. Previously they were used as the utility but now they are being used as the decoration pieces in different events.

Either there is a birthday party, baby shower or child Christianity. These candles are considered the core part of the event. This is because the light flickering flame creates a soothing effect and provide relaxation of the mind. Candles are delicate objects. There is required safe storage. Therefore, to maintain the delicacy of these products the manufacturers have to focus on the packaging.

Now the question is how the manufacturers maintain the shape of the candles? What factors do they focus to maintain the beauty of this lightning decoration pieces?  The companies use the following materials to maintain the delicacy of these lightning decoration pieces.


It is the number one choice for almost all manufacturers because of its cost-effectiveness as well as to bear the weight. Mainly the manufacturers use the boxes for packing almost all type of candles. Either they have to pack the tower candles or the glass wax pots, these candle boxes are the best option. The candles that have to be supplied in bulk are placed in the simple plain boxes while the single candles that are used for decoration purpose are packed in the special Custom candle Boxes. The manufacturers use different styles in order to make the candles presentable. Even some companies use the specially printed candle boxes to give them a gift packaging appearance. Some of the styles that commonly available in the market for candle packaging are

  • Square window boxes

The plain or printed type square window boxes are used for packing the candles. These have either the window only in the front side. Some boxes come with the windows on all four side of the box, thus showcasing the candle elegantly. The box is printed from whole sides while the transparent plastic cover is attached to the windows in order to give the box a persuading effect. To give it more fascinating appeal, the ribbon handle is attached on the top of the box. This gives the box, shape of the lantern in which the candle is fitted beautifully.

  • Hut shape box

This is the type of the box used as the candle gift package. The square box has the triangular shape box attached on the top to make a perfect hut. Usually, the box has the window in front while the back side is printed with information related to the candle use and storage. The other two sides mainly have the logo of the company or any pattern to give the box a perfect feel. These boxes are used for packing large candles or the wax filled glass.

  • Tray box

The type of the box is mainly used for packing the floating candles. To maintain the shape and avoid from any friction the manufacturers add the partitions between the boxes. In this way, the candles are placed beautifully. The trays are either covered with the cardboard material lid or with the plastic laminated sheets. To make it more elegant and to give the gift shape the trays are covered with the ribbons.

  • Rectangle box with tuck top opening

The simple boxes are used for packing the single candle or packing of the tower candles. These are placed vertically or horizontally depending on the shape of the box. To maintain the shape of the candle, the manufacturers mainly role the candle separately in the newspaper or butter paper. Sometimes if there is weight issue then corrugated sheet partitions are also added.

Along with the styles, durability, these cardboard boxes are cost effective. The companies use the Custom candle Packaging Wholesale when they have to supply in the bulk. This reduces the overall cost of the product.

Corrugated boxes

When the companies shave to supply the candles in bulk then they prefer the corrugated boxes for the candle packaging. This is because the corrugated sheets are more resistive to compression and pressure. These can bear the load. Therefore, these can maintain the shape of the candles and prevent them from breakage. The manufacturers use the wholesale boxes when they have to supply the candle in a large amount. The large boxes are used for placing the Custom candle Packaging inside the large corrugated cartons. Mainly these are used for the international shipment purpose, the corrugated cartons are further lined with the extra corrugated sheets or the foaming sheets to prevent any load on the delicate products.

Kraft paper box

Kraft paper box or the sheets are used for packing the candle individually, the kraft sheets make the excellent custom candle packaging. These sheets are wrapped around the candles and then tied with the ribbon or thread to give them the classic feel. The, Printed candle Packaging is also made of the kraft box. The beautiful designs are printed on these boxes along with the logo in order to give the box a gift appearance. To keep the packaging cost-effective, the manufacturers use the custom printed candle boxes wholesale. They save their time as well as the overall cost of the product. These boxes are also available in the various customized form in order to make a perfect candle gift packaging.

Addition of precautions.

The companies add special artwork or print some noteworthy details on the candle packaging in order to give them a fascinating appeal. This is important because candles look beautiful but they are dangerous too. Therefore, the companies add a label like keep away from children. When flickering keeps away from the fabric or material that catch the fire. They also add the storage conditions so that the candle may not melt.

Wholesale candle packaging with the special prints and styles are quite in trend these days. Manufacturers use the special theme to decorate the candle boxes in order to seek the attention of the consumers. They use printed candle boxes wholesale to make it budget friendly for the customers so that the users can buy the product without any cost issue.

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