What all are the Perils to an Organization for Avoiding with an Attendance Management Software


Posted on: 17 July 2019 by Shy Lee

When an organization is concerned regarding their employee's attendance management it should be properly managed with high accuracy to pass on the data to the remuneration solution.

When an organization is concerned regarding their employee's attendance management it should be properly managed with high accuracy to pass on the data to the remuneration solution. The data must be optimized and timely updated for making the compensation to be carried out on time. The presence tracking in a manual way is a very tedious task which is needed to be performed by the HR department in the early decade. We should be always thankful for the technological development our era is experiencing. With automation served by attendance management software, the human resource management department can accurately manage the number of days for which the resources are present on their respective days. There are many situations which have an adverse effect on the company's revenue, one major of such situation is poor time management or biased attendance management which is performed earlier when the conventional way like manual records and spreadsheets were used. Right solution adoption will take your business to a level where the employees are satisfactorily working as there will be no biased decision, favoritism or miss calculation. Talents which get a good environment and on time remuneration for meeting their financial deadlines will be getting retained most of the time.

Eliminate Manual Working

Any task involving human intervention is always having a probability of erroneous working as it is a human tendency to underperform while doing repetitive work, which is full of boredom. The online attendance management system, which was manually driven tends to be very unmanageable as the physical records from all the working branches have to be collected to a central processing unit where the remuneration is to be processed.

There were many glitches in this system, and it doesn't even ensure timely payroll processing. With the modern-day solution like attendance management software, the company can automate the pin to the piano process, which is responsible for presence calculation. The data will be passed on to the respective HR module, and the employer will be saved from any inaccurate paychecks that might potentially incur a loss-making statement or also may result in employee dissatisfaction.

Buddy Punching

An organization houses diversified the range of employees which we cannot expect all to be ethical and workaholic. There is much notorious personnel who always seek loopholes in systems to get personal benefits on the company's cost. Buddy punching is a concept which is more like a poxy attendance, which students used to do in their classroom. The students mark their colleague's attendance and which will be benefitting the absentees while the class teacher calculated total attendance. These kinds of unethical practices in an organization can lead them to incur a heavy loss by paying the employees who are not arriving at the working location. Company when paying these employees are having no return on their investments. Avoid malpractice through biometric integrated attendance management software where there is no chance of buddy punching as the highly secured system only accepts biometric traces of the respective employee.

Managing Perfect Overtime

As we talked earlier regarding the company pooling with some employees who practices unethical way to avoid working and getting unjustified returns. One more way through which they get to cheat the company is through manipulation or wrong entry of their overtime. The company appreciates the employees who work extra through overtime payment in their salary but some employees provide wrong data in a manual system to get their extra payment in an unethical way. Attendance management software precisely tracks and verifies the information to be according to the actual overtime and if not it will prevent the extra remuneration to be credited within the salary. While working in multi shifts the company can configure various variables of policies to moderate the way in which an employee averages overtime payment.

Decreasing Absenteeism

Employees need to be timely groomed by the company to stay within the disciplinary policies which are applied for the betterment of the work environment. Absenteeism is one such burning problem which causes the organization to suffer from the huge loss of productivity as there will be a lack of employee resources which is needed on a regular day to perform the specified tasks. Every organization works in a departmental team which has interdependency among each other and even if anyone resource is not present creates a drastic amount of wastage of process flow. The HR has to mine the data for all the irregular employees and arrange a consultation session which will result in them to be punctual on work and contribute their potential for actively performing in the team.

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