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Posted on: 30 January 2019 by Hillary Tailor

Snow and ice can be viewed as gifts, since they make landscapes appear beautiful and majestic. But when the amount of snowfall becomes several feet deep, normal everyday activities come to a halt. Various modes of transportation are adversely affected, and getting where you need to go can be a real hassle.

  Everyone involved is counting on snow removal services to save the day. This is where Western snow plow models can be relied on for superior performance & efficiency with each pass to clear lots in no time.

Wide-Out XL

The new Western Wide-Out models are adjustable wing snowplows. They come in two blade sizes, with the XL model extending from 8'6" to 11' in straight blade mode.  These plows offer flared wings, thereby allowing operators to be more efficient on the job while carrying more snow with every pass. They also have dual power bars to offer even greater strength.  The scoop has angles that are designed to push snow with minimum spill off.  A 31" tall, 14-gauge steel moldboard comes standard with a ½" high-carbon steel cutting edge on the moldboard and the wings, thus reducing wear & extending the overall life of the blade.  These Wide-Out snow plows can handle the worst winter conditions with ease.


This plow is equipped with multi-positional wings, which change positions as the blades move. The Prodigy Western snow plow is strengthened with a horizontal power and features a robust one-piece design that is 100% compatible with UltraMount system mounts and electrical platforms. A 2-ply rubber snow deflector fits the Prodigy’s blade.  Even the newest driver on your crew can plow like a seasoned pro.  And that means less time is spent on training; and less time per lot means you’ll end up being more profitable.  


Take V-plow performance to a whole new level with this model.  The blade configurations offer heights of snow plowing efficiency without losing the load. The flared v-plow blades soar from a 31" center height up to a full 39" at the outer edge on 9' 6" models. 

MVP Plus

The Plus version of the V-plow is available in 14-gauge powder coated steel or 1/4" high-density polyethylene in 7' 6", 8' 6" and 9' 6" widths. With speedy hydraulics and trip-edge protection, this has been built for efficiency, durability and performance.

Pro Plus

This plow provides contractor-grade performance & is designed for heavy-duty commercial or light-duty municipal plowing.  Eight vertical ribs, a heavy-duty quadrant, and the high-strength steel base channel provide extra support along the bottom of the plow blade.

Pro Plow Series 2

This is a professional series plow, and provides a 60-degree angle straight blade that delivers superior results. This can also be used for plowing rugged surfaces with ease. Western snow plow accessories are available for all models, including curb guards, poly or rubber snow deflectors, a back drag edge, thicker cutting edges, and conversion kits for switching between multiple plows. With Western products, you’ll leave nothing behind.

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