Watch out for these Latest Eyewear Trends for Women


Posted on: 07 May 2021 by Reto Evans

Wanted to know the latest trend in glasses for women? Get inspired for your next pair of spectacles with the super stylish fashion trends of the season

A great pair to support your vision, eyeglasses have gone far to become a statement-making accessory. And now, the idea of glass which was later considered to be boring and nerdy has completely transformed to become more popular and fashionable than before.

Cute, pretty, sexy, stylish, trendy or timeless- whichever type of glasses frame design you are looking for, we have found it. Our list includes the coolest picks that are creating the buzz for the season.

Trendy eyewear for women this year:

So ladies, get rid of those giant dominating frames to look confident and fashionable, choose the latest trend in eyewear that is functional and still helps you look cool.

Stylish Geometric frames:

One of the popular trends of the season. Bold geometric frames are best to highlight your face shape and define your personality. Whether you have a round or square-shaped face - you cannot go wrong with thick-rimmed geometric glasses which perfectly blend the best features of round, square and rectangular glasses. 

Add this distinctive frame to your wardrobe in the colour of your choice and ensure you are never overlooked with the glasses on.

Vintage Cat-eye frames:

With a feminine touch in them, cat-eye glasses frames are perfectly moulded for fashion and functionality together. Needless to say, the vintage-inspired spectacle pair is best to impart a more sophisticated, outgoing and stylish look to people with round faces and chubby cheeks.

Choose the black-framed retro cat-eye to better emphasize professionalism in the business environment. You can also play with bold colours for the complete look transformation.

Elegant Browline glasses:

Stylish and bold - Browline glasses are must-have accessories for women who want to stand apart from the crowd in their professional life.

Also known as Clubmaster, they are best friends of fashion as well as sport enthusiastic.  
If you have an oblong face or oval face shape, the broadened brow of the glass frame will help bring out the best features and offset irregularities.

Retro Tortoiseshell glasses:

These retro vintage looking glasses are popular this year too! Moving ahead of the boring brown coloured traditional style, tortoiseshell in bold and bright double tone is your best option. Whether you want to grab attention or achieve a subtle look, let the glasses do all the talking.

Timeless oversized glasses:

Glasses that flatter the variety of face shapes and sizes, oversize specs are always popular among A-list celebrities and fashion models for their retro finish and making eyes look more attractive.

Driven by celebrities, the versatile frames are making their ways into daily fashion. If you want to make a strong and sophisticated statement or create a bold and modern look, either way, the oversized frames are sure to make the impression. 

White and clear glasses:

Being colourless or having slight tints, clear glasses suit all apparel type and facial tone. That being the case, you simply can't go wrong with the transparent pair.  

With the little glam of pastel tint and unique design - they are classic pairs to have in every wardrobe.

Getting in on the best pick for eyewear:

The list of latest trends above is just an example of what can help you look glam and boost up your style. But before losing yourself in the plethora of trending glasses, don't forget to consider face shape, skin tone and other factors to understand what suits your face.

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