Want to Raise Your Kids Well? Advice from Grandparents


Posted on: 16 July 2017 by Milton Grimes

Being a grandparent is one of the most pleasant and fulfilling things that a person can encounter in life.You’ve raised your children through the years, you've seen their milestones, and they've turned out to be productive members of the society.

You have given the love you had for them, and now the once tiny little humans are all grown and independent. Then they have their children, and you discover a different type of love.

You are wiser and appreciate parenthood more. You now get another chance at loving and caring for little ones. Nothing could be sweeter. What advice would these grandparents wish to pass on to their adult children who are now parents, about raising better children?

Know Your Children

There is something special about paying attention to your kids as they grow up and watching their personalities blossom. You see who they are becoming, see their dreams form, and their visions begin to take root.Paying attention to these seemingly small things is important. You learn how to tell if they are hurt, happy or sad. That will help you know what to do when they are in trouble but won't say.

Observe their natural abilities to learn what they are good at. Assist them to find various ways to sharpen these skills. Some of the greatest innovators had their parents first spot their abilities when they couldn’t.

Encourage Holistic Growth

All-round children learn how to give their very best in life, and this is a trait that will serve them well. Don't just focus on that one thing that you know they are good at, expose them to diverse experiences in life. Let them find avenues to explore talents, ideas, and visions that may be different from who they are by default. Let them stretch themselves and learn the value of adaptability in life.

One of the most innovative entrepreneurs of today, Elon Musk, was once badly bullied in school. He was able to pull through that terrible childhood experience due to his parents' great encouragement and support in pursuing his passions. Holistic growth produces children who are world changers.

Provide Stability

Children learn from and are significantly affected by the actions of their parents. When there is stability in the home, children will thrive. They will become confident and develop healthy emotional lives. When a firm foundation is lacking at home, they may grow up harboring feelings of insecurity.

Be a good example

If there is any core lesson that grandparents could share with their children on raising their own, it would be this one point; show by action not just by mouth. Children will emulate what you do and not what you say.

Whatever lessons, values, manners and morals that you teach have to be a part of your daily life. Children need to see the lesson you taught them practiced in your life. They will then grasp its importance, and they will see how seriously you take it.

Plan for the Future

Many parents are usually too busy raising their children to consider the future as they should critically. Once they children are all grown and have flown the coop, they suddenly find themselves faced with various decisions that their grown children invariably have to take up.

Start thinking about the future early and plan for your retirement. Start considering options for your care in old age so as not to burden them. Will you opt for home care or assisted living? Have you set a plan in motion to save towards costs associated with future home care packages or assisted living facility fees?
Your proactive planning for the future will subconsciously inculcate that lesson into them.


Being a parent is one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience. Learn from those who have already raised children to be a better parent in the long run.

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