Vital Reasons for Opting A Performance Management System


Posted on: 17 July 2019 by Shy Lee

No companies work without goals, but still, they seem to have lesser output than expected. Numerous question arise in such scenarios, Was the goal set wrongly? Is employee incapable of performing up to an expect mark? and what not.

No companies work without goals, but still, they seem to have lesser output than expected. Numerous question arise in such scenarios, Was the goal set wrongly? Is employee incapable of performing up to an expect mark? and what not. Employees performance were concern back when the conventional system was used to manage the employees' data, but the system was possessing a high operability cost, vulnerable loopholes, data tempering and biased favouritism resulting into ineffective management and deteriorated performance. All these factors leashed the usage of employees potential, including the time that was consumed in the manual administrative task of keeping a check on routine data. Eliminating this performance harming factor is the biggest and foremost reason why a company should consider implementing a performance management system. Other reasons are enlisted below, which has a significant impact on the workplace in terms of employee engagement, the satisfaction of having selected to work with the company and transparency. 

Increased Self Assessment

Employees react differently to the task assigned to them by the manager and the task they have taken up due to their capability to do that task more effectively. The conventional system was standalone and was for the use of managers; the employees had no access to the system. The employees do not have the exact track of their performance, which disabled them to have self-assessment; instead, the managers would verbally request them to improvise their capabilities. The performance management system gives access to the data that will induce the, which in turn will give the actual insights their performance. Self-assessment has a significant impact on the employee engagement and thereby, their performance. The performance-oriented employees transform the company as the employees' goals get oriented with that of the company. The efforts that employee does has and expected output.  

Enhanced Goal Management and Performance Tracking

The Goals, when assigned by the manager without having the exact knowledge of the employee capability and their potential, can affect the output in terms of delayed deadlines and quality of the work. The performance management system software decentralized the authority to assign the goals to employees themselves, enabling them to take up the amount of work they are capable and more aware of. 
The manager can keep the track goals the employee has achieved, the progress of the project, estimated deadlines, performance increase, and more from the system. They can live track of the progress, which helps them to make strategies that are more effective as they are based on the current phase of the progress. The manager can also make variations in the amount of work after the completion of every project to empower the company to increase the growth by increasing the work capabilities.

Optimized Feedback and Reviews

Employees feel more engaged when they are comfortable to share what they think needs a change, the manager and employer, in turn, gets to know the hidden or unrecognized loopholes that are to be worked on. It enhances the work employees do and also the quality. The performance management system lets the organization realize the diversification between feedback and review. The system keeps the log of the employee performance data that they fed in terms of goals along with the associated KPI/KRA to make the yearly review process more productive. They can effectively work on the challenges faced by the employees when enhancing their performance. It also optimized the process of providing a reward to the employees who have achieved noticeable progress in their performance.  

Integration with Payroll Module

Paying the employees accurately has been the factor since long, the fraudulent factor had a negative impact on the employees salary calculation as those employees would be paid for work they have not done. Payroll processing is a comprehensive process that includes, much data, including the when calculating salary. Performance management system features integration that eliminates the manual data feeding in the system for processing salary. The data is automatically fetched by the payroll module; the employees salary consist of a component that is variable pay. the component is satisfied by the KRA/KPI percentage calculated by the system based on the employees performance. Integration accurately pays the salary to the employees based on their performance.  


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