Varicose Veins: What Causes Them and What Vein Center Should You Go To?


Posted on: 30 January 2019 by Tom Clark

If you're not familiar with varicose veins, they are enlarged, discolored veins that can develop on the lower legs.

In addition to being unsightly, they can also be painful, especially while standing or walking. The term varicose vein and spider veins are often used interchangeably; however, there are some differences between them. For example, spider veins are asymptomatic and don't typically impact health or cause mobility problems. Varicose vein, on the other hand, can cause discomfort and may lead to serious health problems if not corrected. In this article, we detail the etiology of varicose veins and symptoms associated with this vein disorder.


Varicose veins are usually caused by weak or damaged valves that inefficiently circulates blood throughout the body. To better contextualize this statement, let's take a moment to clarify the role that veins and arteries play in the human body. Arteries are responsible for transporting blood from the heart throughout the body and veins are responsible for returning it to the heart. If this process is interrupted, blood begins to pool in the veins located in the legs and can lead to more health problems. What does the process of pumping blood from the legs back to the heart entail? Basically, the muscle in your legs perform contractions that help to move blood from the legs to the heart. The small valve in the vein support this process by opening and closing to increase and decrease blood flow.


Now that we have a general understanding of varicose veins, let's take a moment to identify some of the risk factors that may lead to developing them. Some of which include

Genetics- If varicose veins run in your family, there is a strong possibility that you will develop them as well.

Obesity – Being overweight can lead to a number of health problems, including varicose veins. That said, the excessive weight can place undue strain on leg veins.


Although varicose veins can sometimes be reversed through lifestyle changes, medical treatment may also be necessary. Facilities like Metro Vein Centers is a great choice for those struggling with varicose veins. Founded in 2006, they have helped countless patients find relief from varicose veins through proven clinical procedures and other advanced treatments. The facility also prides themselves on routinely looking for ways to improve treatments and delivering best in class care to their patients.


When it comes to medical care, choosing the right physician is critical, varicose vein treatment is no exception. Dr. Jordan Garrison and other physicians at Metro Vein Centers work diligently to provide patients with the highest level of care possible. If you have an opportunity to treat with Dr. Garrison, you will be happy to know you're in capable hands. Dr. Garrison is an alumnus of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School/University of Medicine and Dentistry where he graduated in 1982 before going on to continue his general surgery residency, which he completed at New Jersey Medical School in 1989. It is also worth noting that in addition to his general surgery residency, Dr. Garrison also completed his fellowship for bariatric surgery.

If you are seeking medical treatment for your varicose veins, Dr. Garrison and the rest of the physicians at Metro Vein Centers are experts in their field. Beyond that, the entire staff has your best interest at heart and strive to demonstrate empathy and compassion throughout your entire course of treatment. If you ready for a life that doesn't include painful, unsightly varicose veins, you encouraged to schedule a consultation with Metro Vein Center today.

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