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Posted on: 07 July 2016 by Wayne Murphy

Wordpress quiz plugin

It's one way to attract traffic into a website, and another to keep visitors coming back for more. Although reliable content is undoubtedly the foundation of a reputable website, depending on it altogether is simply not going to be optimal. One way to boost incoming visitors and have them coming back is to constantly update the website with fresh content. Another way to do so is to incorporate interesting quizzes that would engage visitors and followers alike.

The good thing with adding quizzes in websites is that it really doesn't take that much effort because of plugins that are designed as quiz builders. Creating an interesting Wordpress quiz doesn't really take that much effort, but it does require creativity. Here are some ways to make quizzes relevant and interesting.

·     Find a way to reference pop culture.

Even though the product or service isn't at all connected to the latest trend in television and internet fame, finding a means to correlate to one can attract substantial traffic. However, there is a fine line between taking advantage of a correlation and pushing too hard to create one. If it feels awkward, better hold the idea and find another pop culture to reference to.

·     Use a quiz builder that features translatable words.

The internet is not only populated by English speakers but quite a majority of others who have literally no conversational English comprehension. Shunning these visitors just because of the language barrier is one way to lose a significant amount of traffic. Internationalized quiz builders can help in this regard because they feature automatic translation for most available strings in their interface.

·     Try to make the questions have choices that are not going to hint heavily on the results.

This may be unavoidable especially in some cases where the results have highly contrasting qualities. However, using blatant choices spoils the test by having the quiz takers manipulate the result to get what they want. But then again having one or two of these types of answers in a quiz is fine. Letting quiz takers have some control makes them feel pleased to be able to do so.

·     Go for quiz builders that feature randomization of choices every time the quiz is taken.

This functionality adds depth to the quiz and it makes the dynamic nature great for sharing among friends. Aside from that, it also encourages discussion of their answers instead of just saying what letter their choices were.

There are quite a lot of quiz builders available online. Given the previous guidelines, find one that has convenient translation features. It's also important to use a plugin that is user friendly. The hardest part of making a quiz should not be the layout or type of quiz but coming up with interesting and engaging questions. Search the internet for the top quiz builders and try it out. Start with small quizzes with yes or no answers and if the quiz builder is excellent from this source, use it. Having these quizzes available will likely make visitors view the website as something that should be kept in their bookmarks.

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