Useful Advice on Home Fire Safety and Fire Prevention


Posted on: 19 May 2015 by Pano Savvidis

We all understand just how important fire safety is and how we should do everything in our power to prevent them in the home. The devastating consequences of a domestic fire often don’t even bear thinking about, especially for families. Unfortunately though, fires can and do happen, often for reasons which could have been avoided.

So if you’re unsure about how you can be safer in your home to prevent the likelihood of a fire occurring, in this post you’ll find useful advice you can take away and put into practice.

Fit or Test Smoke Alarms

This is quite a common piece of advice when it comes to fire safety but that’s because it’s an effective one. Your home should have smoke alarms installed on every floor, if it doesn’t you need to act now and have them put in. You also need to test these regularly (once a week) and change the batteries accordingly.

Having Escape Plans in Place

Much like in the workplace, it pays to know where the exits in your home are and what the safest escape routes are from each room. All family members should be well-versed in this along with any guests you have staying over.

To provide added safety for people in your home, there are systems available you can have installed in your home which aid ventilation. These are effective for clearing smoke and making your escape routes easier to see in the case of a fire.

Carrying-out Thorough Checks

Candles are great for creating a calming atmosphere in a room but you should always check these have all been completely extinguished before you leave it. Along with this, when you light matches indoors or smoke cigarettes, check these are stubbed out and pour water over them before throwing them away.

Being Sensible with Electricity

Another common cause of fires is plug sockets becoming overloaded and setting alight. The simple solution to avoid this is to just be sensible with your usage and don’t exceed the maximum capacity available from the socket. You can find further detail regarding overuse of sockets here.

A final piece of advice to remember is to never attempt to try and extinguish a fire yourself in the home, as you are putting yourself and others in danger. Follow your escape plan and call the emergencies services and let the experts put the fire out. 

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