Unique Travel Spots Across the Nation: B and B's and Lux Treehouses


Posted on: 18 January 2018 by Jay Clark

There's no shortage of unique travel spots across the US. The only trick is finding them. Here we've compiled some awesome resources for finding a unique next getaway.

I was recently introduced to the notion of "glamping." That is, unique (though often fully indoors) lodging opportunities out in the great old 'out of doors.' I was introduced to the term unwittingly while looking for a nice place to stay out in the woods of East Tennessee for a few nights (link in the treehouse link below). My wife and I found a location billing itself as a "treehouse." And though this really just amounted to a small house on stilts among the trees, the experience of sitting on the deck (or hot tub) about 15 feet into the trees was pretty amazing. 

As with most folks, i've been on plenty of 'standard' vacations, and have grown much fonder of taking a step off the beaten path. Finding a place a little more affordable than a resort where you can stay for longer, access to charming little towns or nature, and locations that interface with relaxing surroundings are paramount. With this in mind I recenly found two great resources on a site called hospitalitymanagementdegrees.net. They have other features as well, but i've found their two resources "Treehouses You Can Stay in For Every State of the Nation" and "Unique B&B's in Every State in America" to be particularly useful. Also of note, there are some blurred lines between the two pieces, with a number of treehouses presenting like airbnbs or bnbs and with number of B&B's fully immersed in nature. So far my wife and I have stayed at two locations from the treehouses article and had a ball. Happy travelling! 

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