Top Presents for Teenage Grandchildren


Posted on: 02 May 2018 by Nancy Brown

Buying presents for anyone can be a difficult task but buying presents for loved ones who are not one, but two generations apart and at that difficult teenage stage, can cause the most discerning shopper to break out in a sweat – what is hot and what is not? To help navigate you through the stresses and strains of buying a gift for a teen that will be appreciated and not just cast aside, here are 4 top presents for teenage grandchildren.

  • Go Retro

We live in a digital age, and children have access to a wealth of technology that can give them the information of the world from a device that fits in their palm. While their smartphones are used to take countless pictures that are instantly uploadable to social media, polaroid style cameras that print out the photographs are making a comeback. It is a surprising but heart-warming fact that teens are going retro! Instant cameras are so popular once again because they provide a tangible photograph while the downside to digital photographs is that they are rarely revisited to bring back memories.

  • Bluetooth speaker

Your grandchild may regularly be found attached to headphones as they listen to music, but every teen would love their own Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth technology allows the music that they are listening to on their mobile phone to be played through a speaker. There are no wires involved other than for charging, and it is small, so it is easily transportable for indoor and outdoor use, and the quality of the sound is second to none.  

  • Surf is Up

Whether your grandchild is a surfer already or not, they will be familiar and excited by surf culture. Surfing is a great way to feel wild and free and with the benefit of giving the mind and body a full-on exercise. The good news is that you don’t have to travel to Hawaii to catch some good waves, offer motorised surfboards that can be used in any water including lakes, so even if their county is landlocked, your grandchild will be able to use it locally.

  • Technology but not as they know it

You may feel that your teenage grandchild is surgically attached to one form of technology or another, and it may be the cause of some heated debates as you try and separate them from it; but how about gifting them some technology that teaches them about electronics? Sets such as the Raspberry Pi range contain components that can be built into computers. Originally, they were designed for use in schools, but their popularity has extended out of the classroom as children find that electronics are fun too. They promote creativity and innovation as well as forging a deep understanding of technology.

Buying presents for teens can be troublesome. What you want them to have can be very different to what they actually desire, but these suggestions will be gratefully received and enjoyed.

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Nancy Brown

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