Top London Locations for a Happy Retirement


Posted on: 28 November 2014 by Vickie Harrison

Whilst many dream of the seaside views of Cornwall, or a lakeside retreat in Windermere, London is fast becoming a retirement hotspot according to many recent property reports. In an article posted by the BBC, London has been dubbed the new ‘retirement nirvana’, offering the convenience of the city but the charms of a small town.

According to a survey conducted by Britain Thinks, retired homeowners are choosing London because of its transport links, its vibrant culture and its access to good healthcare. There is no doubt that the retired population is one which is completely different to one decades ago; as life expectancy increases, our demographic dynamics see a huge shift. At retirement, many people are still interested in socialising with friends, wining and dining, going out and living a rich and exciting social life. So it’s easy to see why London has such a great pull for the older generation.


Here are some fantastic locations to look at if you have been considering making the move to London.



Chelsea is an extremely affluent area, and very much with its own little community; so if you want small town charm, you may still find it here in London. For those who are looking for the comfort and convenience of a specialist retirement community, Chelsea is abundant in retirement homes.



Chelsea’s house prices are soaring so if you’re looking for something a little less challenging on the mortgage front, look across the river at Battersea, an up and coming area of growth and change. Said to be full of ‘Eastern promise’, Andrea Watson, writer at the Express, shared the news of how Battersea is set to change over the years, with capacity of becoming London’s next must-buy area (read more here).



It’s easy to think of the rugby when you someone mentions Twickenham but this is just one side to the coin for this delightful area. With so much more to offer than just sports, Twickenham continues to be a popular area for all ages. This area of London has fantastic transport links so you can spend your time soaking up the culture of the capital or you can retreat back in this wonderful area dotted with stunning Georgian and Victorian properties. Find out more about Twickenham house prices at Featherstone Leigh estate agents. 



The buzz of the capital is only a bus or tube ride away, and here in Hampstead, you can enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle with the perks of a cosmopolitan community, one which is notoriously friendly. Hampstead house prices do not come cheap however, with flats setting you back around £1 million some houses as high as £10 million.

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