Top Awesome Gifts you can Give Your Girlfriend


Posted on: 26 November 2015 by Anna Kec

She makes your heart skip a beat, and it's her you find yourself thinking about randomly throughout the course of any given day.

Whether you have only recently started dating or have a relationship that's been steadily developing over a number of years, showing your girlfriend you care by giving her a gift is sure to melt her heart. There are five awesome gifts you can give her that will make the type of impression you want as well as stick in her mind for many years to come. 

1. An Over-sized Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a great way to show your girlfriend you think she's special. They are there to offer comfort when she's sad and make her smile throughout the day. While there are thousands to choose from, you can truly put a unique twist on this classic romantic gift. Here  you can shop for a teddy bear 78 inches in length. 

2. A Scrapbook

Help your girlfriend remember the fun times the two of you share by creating a scrapbook commemorating your relationship. You likely have dozens of pictures in your phone. Have them printed provides her tangible pictures she can look at and smile. Martha Stewart offers many unique scrapbooking tips

3. Car Decorations

Women love to show the world they have someone who thinks of them. What better way to help her achieve that than making her car a mobile advertisement of the profession of your feelings for her. When she goes to bed, make a clandestine trip to her house and decorate her car using a window marker. When she makes her way out to her car the next morning, she'll have a pleasant surprise to start her day. Some of the things you could include are:

  • Hearts 
  • X's and O's 
  • Sweet messages


4. Custom Made Bobblehead

Bobbleheads have a long past, and when a new manufacturing process allowed them to be made from plastic instead of ceramic in the 1990's, they hit the market by storm. You can find bobbleheads of most celebrities, and they make a cute accessory in any room. Here you can have a bobblehead custom made to look just like your girlfriend, a gift sure to bring a smile to her face. For around $100, you can receive a six inch model, and all you need to do is send in at least three pictures including:

  • Front of face
  • Body
  • Facial profile


5. Buy a Star

What's more iconic than a gift that will stand the test of time. For a minimal fee, you can have a star named after your girlfriend. This shows her she truly is a star in your eyes. At, you can register a star, and they only assign visible stars. That means it's possible for the two of you to use the provided coordinates to actually see it together on a romantic moonlit night. 

Making Your Mark

You love your girlfriend, and you want to make a positive mark on her life. When you give her a gift that invokes happy emotions, she's likely to think fondly of you every time she sees it. Whether your significant other has a birthday coming up or you just want to show her you care on any given day, these five gift ideas can help you make a positive impression as well as help you score brownie points with the woman you love.

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