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Posted on: 19 March 2020 by Alicia Sanders

According to the latest research, the average credit score of Canadians consumers in 2019 was around 650. This number is really encouraging, isn’t it?

According to the latest research, the average credit score of Canadians consumers in 2019 was around 650. This number is really encouraging, isn’t it? More than half of Canadian borrowers are able to score over 700. It means that it’s not that difficult to improve your credit. You can do it even with bad credit loans in AB if you use it correctly. Monitoring your score has never been easier and cheaper. Here are the reviews of the best free mobile apps to control the budget that may give your credit score a boost.

Credit Karma 

Credit Karma Mobile app claims that the users can create a new account within a few minutes. This app offers to track of your credit score and weekly updates for free. Also, Credit Karma provides a credit report, which includes the information about every factor affecting your credit score, such as average age of open credit utilization. This way you can easily get the idea of how your actions influence your score. Take into consideration that this app demonstrates you a Vantage 3.0 credit, which is different from the FICO one. The credit information given to you by this app is based on the credit report of TransUnion and Equifax, which are two of three biggest credit reporting bureaus.

Credit Sesame  

Credit Sesame is another easy-to-use and free mobile credit score tool. This app offers a monthly report with your Experian National Equivalency Score (ENES). Pay attention that the ENES credit score ranges from 360 to 840, while the FICO ranges from 300 to 850. Also, this app lists your overall debt balances and summarizes your monthly payments. With Christmas holidays coming soon, it’s much easier to create your early holiday shopping budget knowing what your score is and how much you owe.  

Mint is a great free debt monitoring tool. This credit management app offers a regular summary of how you may improve your score. connects your bank accounts, investment accounts, and credit cards in order to give you a comprehensive picture of your finances. In addition, it categorizes your transactions so that you can easily see where your money goes. But this app won’t be able to move money or make transactions from your account.


This free mobile app allows the borrowers link their debt accounts, track their payoff progress and make a repayment plan. Again, notifications and reminders will prevent you from late fees or missed due dates. The basic features are free. If you want to get extra options, you can upgrade to a monthly fee. Additional features include the ability to make recurring or one-time payments and calculate your interest savings.

Check App 

It may be hard to keep track of all the due dates. Using the Check App you can quickly set up your bills so that the app will send you a reminder each time your bill is due. Usually, you will be able to either schedule a payment or pay at once. Check App is completely free and it can help you monitor multiple bank accounts or credit cards. It uses 4-digit PIN and encryption to protect the personal information of users.

Debt Planner and Calculator

This free mobile app is available currently only for Android users. It’s a great credit monitoring tool that helps you plan and organize your debts. Additionally, it notifies you how long you will have to repay the debt based on details about your payment and debt amount. The free version calculates debt repayments depending on the lowest payment amounts. If you want to get monthly debt notifications, payment strategies and no ads, upgrade for just $1.99.    

This is another option to have a free access to your Vantage 3.0 and Experian National Equivalency credit score. This mobile app allows borrowers to receive reports about their payment history, credit age, debt usage and any problems concerning repayment. For each of these factors, you will get a grade from A+ to F to help you understand what needs to be fixed.

Bear in mind that each of these apps provides a free snapshot of your credit, which can be used only for educational purposes and is not your actual FICO score.

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