Top 4 Europe Destinations for Seniors in Winter


Posted on: 25 November 2015 by Alex Morgan

Europe attracts tourist from all around the globe, and it’s not just the summer months and the attractive beaches that offer tourists their money’s worth of entertainment.

Europe, the “Cradle of Civilisation”, has a lot to offer for more experienced travelers. As a man grows older his desires change. Immerse yourself in the ancient European culture and experience something to cross off from your bucket list.

Winter is always a good season to travel. Firstly, all the Germanic states have the tradition of the “Weihnachtsmarkt”, (the Christmas Market), where they serve hot wine and warm Christmas cakes. Besides the wonderful sites to visit, there are Christmas Markets in every single town in Germany, so if this is one of the destinations on your list, you won’t miss out on much.


Seniors will find Malta one of Europe’s most attractive destinations, especially in the winter months. The weather in winter is always moderate, so there is nothing to keep you from discovering every inch of the Island. Moreover, the crowds of loud young tourists will have vanished miraculously by the end of September, so the locals will be much more relaxed, hospitable, and approachable.

All that said, Malta shows off wonderful Baroque and Neo-Classical architecture, and the Capital Valetta has interesting museums. You might even fancy a boat ride to the nearby Comino Island with its perfect turquoise waters and the nearby colorful Poppeye Village that was built especially for the 1980’s movie!


Scotland is also an attractive destination for those wanting to make the most of the winter months. There are no words that can begin to describe the charms of Edinburgh to you, so you must simply travel there and see for yourself. Winding streets, and mind-blowing architecture in a city that is not too big and can be covered mainly by foot, all contribute to the unique and vibrant atmosphere of Scotland’s capital.

A definite must see in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Castle that was both a military stronghold and royal residence until 1600, after which it remained solely a military entity. You must walk the Royal Mile, a street of cobblestones lined with busy Cafes and Restaurants. If you are brave enough to wander off course a little then visit the Scottish Islands and Loch Ness, and dare to encounter the World’s most famous monster…


Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in winter. There is a big chance that the city may be covered in snow at this time of year- but do not let that worry you in the least. The beauty of the Austro Hungarian architecture is enhanced with the white snow, giving you a sense that you have gone back in time, into an era of romance and poetry.

Right across from the long Andrassy Street, behind heroes Square, is Budapest’s park, named Városligeti Műjégpálya with its large outdoor Ice Skating rink, and two thermal outdoor pools, accessible all year round!


Prague is another city that often does not get enough credit for its frosty beauty. The cool beer in one of many Prague pubs, and wine cellars, and the smell of duck scratching’s all play an important role in making the city look almost fairytale-like in winter. The cobble streets of the Czech capital make it all the more romantic, and make sure to include a visit to the old Prague Castle as well.

With all that in mind, it won’t be a simple task choosing the perfect destination for the upcoming cold months- but we can tell you one thing for sure: whichever place you choose, will make your trip worth it, and much more than that!

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