Top 3 reasons to visit the nearest walk-in clinic


Posted on: 30 January 2019 by Hillary Tailor

Walk-in clinics are gaining popularity every day, and there are many benefits associated with visiting these clinics.

When compared to the hospital ER, or visiting your Primary Care Physician, you’ll likely find that a walk-in clinic around Tarpon Springs is usually your better option. Consider the following top 3 reasons as to how 

1. It's more convenient

When you go to the hospital ER or to your physician’s office, long wait times are one of the main reasons why people get so annoyed.  Moreover, even in cases of legitimate emergencies, people sometimes have to wait for several hours. With walk-in clinics, the wait times are considerably shorter. You are seen on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are searching for a walk-in clinic in Tarpon Springs, you may be surprised to know that X-ray and laboratory services are available there too. When you visit your family physician, these services aren’t always offered on site. You may be referred to another location for blood work or X-rays when necessary. These clinics are more convenient for parents with their children. Parents can save more time and have their children seen by a healthcare professional outside of school hours. In addition, you can be sure that hospital ER departments appreciate the reduction in non-life threatening emergency visits. And unlike regular doctor’s offices, walk-in clinics never require you to make an appointment.

2. Its more affordable

Walk-in clinics don’t charge exorbitant fees, which can often be the case with hospital emergency rooms. So you would end up paying only a fraction of what the ER charges. Rest assured that you can also use your health insurance plan at these clinics.  Although the prices may be lower, the quality of treatment is never compromised.  Unlike larger hospitals that are expensive to operate and maintain, these walk-in clinics have a much smaller infrastructure.  For those with higher deductibles and frequent health issues, these walk-in clinics offer quality patient healthcare, all at a price that is easier on the wallet.

3. Highly trained medical staff

It could be reasonable to conclude that walk-in clinics are somehow inadequate when it comes to providing qualified health services. On the contrary, these clinics have doctors and nurses that are well-experienced and fully capable. They are friendly, professional and are good at what they do.  Just because the walk-in clinic in Tarpon Springs accepts patients without an appointment doesn’t mean that the quality of care isn’t up to par. In fact, the truth is, you’ll likely get better sooner because the whole process is more timely and efficient.  Moreover, you can have your medical records forwarded to your Primary Care Physician when required.

Take the first step and find the nearest walk-in clinic in your area, and make use of these convenient services that are more affordable and efficient. After all, the sooner your health issue gets treated, the sooner you’ll be on the road to recovery.

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