Tips to protect trees from diseases


Posted on: 29 December 2015 by Ashley Nicole

Disease is danger for all like human being, animals and tress. There are many different types of trees that can mutilate and kill your tree.

Disease is danger for all like human being, animals and tress. There are many different types of trees that can mutilate and kill your tree. Some of the diseases naturally occurs in the trees are Elm yellow, Beech bark diseases, Oak wilt and Dutch elm disease etc. Homeowners and park owners are very serious about these tree diseases and want to prevent their trees and plants from all of this.

One of the most threatening diseases in Britain’s trees is Chalara dieback of ash commonly known as “ash dieback”. This fungal disease cause to crown to dieback, lose their leaves and bark lesions which are spread to other trees too. This disease leads to weaken the tree substantially so that they are not able to fight against pests and other fungus and it result to the end of the life of tree.

Trees also need to care as the personal hygiene and needs to cure the reasons of disease to minimize the risk factor. For the Tree Disease Control, there are many of the Shrub Care Products and Tree Care Products available in the market. Here are few tips for you which help to protect your trees from diseases.


  1. Prevent to spread: As the diseases of trees are spread to other trees so try to remove those trees which already dead or look decayed. Cut down all the sick trees from the park otherwise it will harm to other trees also. Before spreading of the disease cut down the trees from its roots and you can also take the help of professional tree service so that there is not any single of threat remains.


  1. Spray the trees: For preventing your trees and plants from disease spread preventive sprays periodically in your yards such as fungicides and insecticides to prevent the fungi from the spread. It will help to stop the diseases such as Oak wilt and Dutch elm to spread over the surrounding trees.


  1. Use of Insecticides: Sprayed the trees with fungicide and insecticides for controlling the causes of disease such as creepy crawlers and also kills the living bulls and their eggs and larvae to prevent the trees from the spread of diseases.


  1. Remove the roots: Dig the ground of around the sick tree with four feet below from the surface to cut off their root systems. Cutting of roots of the infected trees is necessary because some of the diseases are spread through the roots and it prevents other trees from infection.


  1. Move Infected soils: Diseases are also spread by the infected soil so avoid the movement of infected soil or plants to the uninfected area. Avoid the tampering of soil and plants to protect other trees and plants. Before exiting the trees remove the soil and mud from willies and boots. If you remove the infected soil by removing it carefully rather than leaving there then you can prevent the other areas and trees by the infection of soil.


  1. Wash your footwear: If you came from other forest or infected woodland area then thoroughly wash off the boots, willies and bicycle wheels before going to the woodland or park area.


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