Three Trendy High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Work With Ease


Posted on: 25 February 2019 by Tom Clark

Most homeowners consider the kitchen as the heart of the home, and some of them spend most of their time cooking and prepping food. The kitchen is probably one of the most versatile areas inside your house. It’s where you can socialise with your friends, family, and colleagues. So it’s essential to keep your kitchen alive and up to date.

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your kitchen without renewing every corner of it. Today, inventors and tech companies are still learning to innovate things to build a more functional and accessible society. In this way, it’ll be easier for the homeowners and chefs to work in their kitchen comfortably.

Technology has influenced society as of today, and it’s definitely making everything easy for everyone. It’s not just affecting what you make, but it’s also dominating the world of home improvement, especially in the kitchen. Smart kitchen appliances give home cooks an advantage when prepping food in the kitchen. So, here's some trendy kitchen tech for you.

Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine


Who doesn’t want coffee early in the morning right? If you’re a morning person, then the smarter wifi coffee machine would be suitable for you. If you don’t have a coffee section in your kitchen, then today might be the time for you to install one. You can seek help on professionals to build one in your kitchen.

You can ask for assistance to any home improvement stores near you, but if you don’t have any contacts, kitchen renovations Melbourne and other home improvement companies are more willing to assist you with your needs. In this way, your morning will be complete just by a sip of coffee made by smarter wifi coffee machine.

Also, this coffee machine responds to any smartphone. Therefore, if you want your coffee to be ready ahead of time, you can just configure it on your smartphone, and the machine will prepare your coffee before you know it. In addition to that, with the use of your smartphone, you can brew a stronger flavour or according to what you prefer.

Anova Nano Precision Cooker (Sous Vide Machine)


The Anova nano precision cooker is a cooking machine which is best for sous vide preparation. “Sous vide” is a cooking process which you vacuum-seal the food. Steak can be an example as it needs a hot water bath to make its meat tender and juicy. But before you immerse the steak in the water, you need to put it in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag.

This type of precision cooker can also connect to any smartphone via an application. It works by alerting you when the food is ready. Also, one advantage of having this cooking equipment is that it offers you different cooking recipes for you to try in your kitchen.

Other than this model, their newest one is the Bluetooth-only Nano. This new model is smaller compared to the original Anova precision cooker, but it’s better when it comes to its on-device controls. It also heats and cooks your food faster than the previous one.

DaysAgo Digital Tracker


One problem most homeowners often overlooked when it comes to their kitchen is the expiration date of the food. Some of you aren’t sure when you opened that jar of marinara, or how long has it been staying on the fridge. Then try using the new tech DaysAgo.

DaysAgo is a digital tracker that helps you identify which food isn’t edible anymore. This device has a suction cup which you can attach on the lid of the item when you first opened it. After you connect the tracker, you can just start the timer, and it will record the days passed after you opened the item.



There’s no doubt that technology has been a great help to society. There are countless useful gadgets you can look into for your kitchen. In this way, home cooks can do their daily routine of prepping their food with ease. Therefore, consider these devices to help you work comfortably and productively.

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