The Vital Role Carers Play in Our County


Posted on: 12 July 2018 by Linda Jones

Even though we do not tend to pay much attention but carers are incredibly important because they tend to look after people who are suffering from physical or mental conditions. Prior to hiring them, you should learn about their role in modern society and ways of nourishing them.

Without people who sacrifice their own time to care for loved ones with health problems, the social care bill across Britain would be astronomical – in fact, it would be insupportable. Millions of people take on caring roles for family members and friends who need help, many of them devoting their lives to looking after someone else. It’s hard work, takes a big commitment in time, and can be very stressful. If you are a carer or know someone who is, then make sure you or they are getting the support they need at every stage.

Why are there so many carers?

Humans are by nature caring, for the most part. There might be some exceptions, but for most people, when they are put in a position where they need to care for someone they love, they will take on the role as a matter of course. The love and respect you feel for someone close to you means you are prepared to sacrifice your own freedom to do what’s best for them, and the evidence for this altruism is abundant just going on the number of carers in the UK alone. Of course, it’s not all hardship and sacrifice; there is enjoyment and satisfaction, and many happy times to be had as a carer too.

Taking care of carers

In their concern for the person they are looking after, many carers do neglect their own welfare. The priority is always the person being cared for, and everything else has to come second to that. That can lead to carers becoming exhausted mentally and physically, and even lead to health problems like depression, anxiety, increased vulnerability to infection, and the effects of chronic stress.

There are resources available to carers to help them cope, and it’s important that if you are in a caring role you take advantage of the help on offer. First, you need to register your role as carer with local social services. You may find you are entitled to certain benefits and allowances as a carer, and it’s always worth checking this out. You may also be entitled to some practical help and even periods of respite, where you are able to take a break from caring. Talk to your GP about how you are coping, and any problems you have with your own health. They will be able to offer advice on looking after yourself and ways to make your life easier if you are struggling.

If your loved one should pass away, this can be a difficult time, not only because of the loss you’ve suffered, but as a result of the changes in your own life once your caring role is removed. If there needs to be an inquiry into the death, contact a legal firm with expert inquest solicitors to help guide you through the process.

Carers deserve to be respected and admired for the vital role they play in society, as without them we would have a huge social care problem to manage. If you know someone who is a carer, make sure they feel supported and appreciated for the amazing work they are doing.

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Linda Jones

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