The top 4 benefits of hiring security for your residential building


Posted on: 05 August 2018 by Dan Redd

A residential building is an incredibly profitable investment and when making sure it’s safe and well taken care of is no small feat, but hiring a professional security team will ensure exactly that.

Security officers on site will provide the sense of safety and peace of mind that both you and your tenants are looking for. And if that wasn’t already enough, heres a list of the 4 top benefits of hiring a security team to patrol your buildings.

1. They deter crime

Let’s start with the most obvious point that is by far the most valuable one: Having a security team member patrol your building will deter crime. This doesn’t just mean theft and break-ins. Any number of other deviant behaviors are likely to be curbed when people know there is a security guard nearby—think less solicitation, less homelessness, and less likelihood of drugs being used.

2. They’ll be on call for your residents

If your building has a security team in place then when something looks suspicious, your residents have someone to call. Moreover when your property looks damaged, your residents have someone to call; when something goes missing, your residents have someone to call; and in the unlikely event of a crime being committed on site, your residents have someone to call.

Do you see my point? If you hire professionals to safeguard your building, then your residents have someone to call whenever anything goes wrong.

3. They’ll attract better clientele

Hiring a security team will attract residents who are willing to pay more (for the very reasons listed above). What’s more, properties with security teams often appeal to more reliable tenants like families who tend to retain leases for a longer period of time than others.

For those residents who enjoy luxuries, the appeal of your building will sky rocket once they know you have a security team on board. In turn, those residents are willing, and expect, to pay more than they would for a building without security which brings me to my next point…

4. They’ll increase your property value

Not only will you attract better clientele and deter crime from occurring in and around your building, you are also likely to see an increase in your property value. From gated communities to smaller apartment complexes, residents are willing to pay more for properties where security guards are present.

If you’re the owner of a residential building then hiring a security team to take care of your asset, your residents, and to increase your property value is a must. Here at Twin City Security, we offer comprehensive security services in eight different locations in the U.S. You can find out more about our residential security services here, and visit our website here.

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