The Thrifty Christmas Gift Guide for Grandparents


Posted on: 12 November 2014 by William Freddy Hope

We all know Christmas can really push the limits of your budgets but here is a quick guide on how to save that little bit more over Christmas and help you through the expensive winter months!

When it comes to Christmas shopping, cards and gifts can really add up. And although a card and a bottle of wine may suffice for friends and neighbours, when it comes to young grandchildren, we all know that a gift can mean the world to them. Kids love Christmas and nothing puts a smile on their face more than having something to open on Christmas day.


For the most part, children just love the excitement of unwrapping gifts so even when you’re trying to have a thrifty Christmas, you can still make a young child happy with something thoughtful.


If you’re a grandparent with limited funds this festive season, take a look at thrifty gift guide.


1.      Home Made Gifts

Kids love having something to open at Christmas and that’s the main focus for Christmas day. If you can’t afford to buy gifts this year, you can try your hand at crafting or knitting. From something as simple as a knitted bobble hat for babies to a hand-sewn purse or tablet sleeve for teens, there are many ways you can save money by making your own presents this year.


2.      Give the Gift of Charity

Charity shops are a very cost effective way to shop and you can find a range of toys, books or clothing for children. A charity gift not only saves you money but is a great lesson for your grandchild when you explain the importance of supporting charity work.


3.      Use an Online Cashback Website

Christmas is expensive and it’s hard to be frugal during a time of celebration. But if you are prepared to spend a certain amount this year, do your shopping online through a cashback site and you could make some money back from your purchases. Websites such as Quidco, Top Cashback or Greasy Palm can give you cashback when you shop with many major retailers including high street stores, department stores, supermarkets, gift sites and more. Find out more about the best cashback sites from Money Saving Expert.


4.      Research Courier Services

If you are posting presents this Christmas, one of the biggest costs will be postage and delivery. This will especially add up when you’re sending heavy items to grandchildren abroad. Whether you’re posting to Luxembourg or China, make sure you research all options including TNT and other international couriers who can collect direct from your address in the UK.


5.      Shop in the January Sales

If you want to be extra thrifty, make great savings in the January sale and prepare for the year ahead. It’s not always easy to shop so far in advance as children grow up so quickly but some presents can be easy to buy – such as hats and gloves, books or soft toys. Don’t get too carried away as you could end up buying a lot of junk that can’t be gifted come next 




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