The symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment


Posted on: 30 March 2016 by eliza issac

Varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids and post-stroke conditions

The symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment.

The problem with varicose veins is very common, especially in women, and pregnancy symptoms even deepens and exacerbates, often this is accompanied by intolerable pain or discomfort.

What is venous insufficiency?Varicose

Venous insufficiency is the result of malfunctioning valves located at certain points along the very veins. The function of these valves is to ensure the movement of blood flow to the heart and to counteract gravity, causing blood to collect in the lower extremities. Damage to the valves, causing the regression of blood in the veins, which grow in diameter and length and become visible on the skin. for further details read this article for Hemorrhoid No More

What factors are responsible?

Spider-Vein-TreatmentOf the most powerful factors for venous insufficiency is heredity. The female sex is another important predisposing factor, as women are three times more often than men. Increased body weight is a risk factor, but not as important as the previous ones. Finally, the lifestyle is very important as the long hours standing or sedentary lifestyle impair the function of the veins.

What are the symptoms that may occur?

Typical patients with varicose veins is a swelling around the ankles, especially at night, which disappears at night. In more advanced stages, the skin on the inner surface of the tibia may be a darker color, rough surface and be seen protruding veins. The final stage of varicose veins is the emergence of ulcer (wound) legs. Venous ulcers heal very difficult and tends to relapse.legs

How to identify and treat varicose veins?

A new study conducted by British researchers on a formula developed by Acad. Hlebarov, shows how the right mix of extracts of plants, which accepts science as an effective method to combat varicose veins. This formula gives very good results in diseases such as thrombophlebitis, cerebral atherosclerosis, post-stroke conditions and provide general beneficial effect on the circulatory system.

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