The Most Beautiful Rail Journeys in Europe


Posted on: 20 April 2015 by Daniel Lofthouse

For those with joint pains or mobility problems, walking holidays are no longer as easy as they used to be. But there are so many holiday alternatives which can give you a low-impact experience, with minimal walking and maximum enjoyment. One of these alternatives is the rail journey holiday; an opportunity to discover the most scenic routes all from the comfort of your train carriage.

For those of you thinking of taking a more sedate break this year, here are my top 5 most beautiful and scenic rail journeys in Europe:


1| Brighton Belle (London to Brighton) – Pullman

On the famous Belmond British Pullman, which is a sister train to the Venice Simplon Orient Express, you can enjoy a five course luxury meal (served with Laurent-Perrier champagne) during your roundtrip from London to Brighton. Be inspired by the beautiful Brighton countryside and make sure you take a tour of the iconic train to discover its exquisite marquetry.


2| Paris Gare de Strasbourg – Venice Simplon Orient Express 

This is one of the most spectacular train journeys you can take. Departing from Paris, the Venice Simplon Orient Express is a fantastic journey which covers some of Europe’s most beautiful cities including Rome, Prague, Venice, Vienna and Budapest. ITC Travel have a range of options for rail trips, including the Orient Express.


3| Rauma Line from Dombås to Åndalsnes (Norway)

For beautiful scenery, the Rauma line in Norway is not to be missed. The mountain landscapes are simply mind-blowing and you can enjoy the views of the high peaks and rugged mountain slopes from the comfort of your seat. This short 2 hour tour is best taken during the summer.


4| Levanto to Spezia (Cinque Terre)  

The small hilltop towns in Italy are amazing to explore on foot. But the endless steps and steep hills can make it very difficult for the over 60s or people suffering from joint problems. Although very short (just 40 minutes), the Cinque Terre route is a spectacular and comfortable way of seeing the beautiful coastal villages. The best time to take this journey is in spring or autumn to avoid the busy peak season.


5| Glacier Express (Zermatt to St Moritz, Switzerland)

For a winter rail journey, catch the Glacier Express route, one that’s extremely popular with the rich and famous; not only will you get to enjoy the stunning Alpine landscapes of Switzerland but you may even be in for a spot of celeb-spotting if you take a tour of the carriages. This is a 7 hour train journey and it is best taken in the winter months. 

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