The Importance of Regular Visits to the Dentist


Posted on: 27 March 2019 by Tracey Clayton

Don’t jeopardize your health just because you’re not experiencing any discomfort, because chances are that when you start feeling pain it might be too late.

According to some research, dental decay is the most prevalent oral disease in Australian children.  Namely, every third child between the ages of five and six is having some type of decay in their baby teeth. These devastating results are the main evidence that we’re not taking good care of our teeth. Cavities are just one of the problems poor oral hygiene and rare visits to the dentist can provoke, along with bad breath, periodontal disease and many others.

Detect dental problems early on

No matter how diligent your daily brushes are, there are probably a few tiny areas in your mouth that you can’t reach, which will lead to plaque build-up. Once it starts to build up, it won’t be so easy to remove it which can potentially lead to tartar forming in the oral cavity. This will require you to go to the dentist and have the tartar removed. However, if you visit the dentist regularly, tartar won’t be able to form or erode your teeth and create cavities. A cleaning appointment will cost you a lot less too, unlike an entire cavity removal and filling would. Furthermore, plaque and tartar can cause much greater problems than cavities, having you end up with major gum issues. When tartar build-up causes an infection, i.e. gingivitis, on the spot where the gum is connected to the tooth, the gum pulls away from the tooth. Swelling, bleeding and soreness in the mouth are some of the problems that will come along with the gum disease. Oral cancer doesn’t have to show any painful or notable sign to you, but a dentist will know how to detect it. Therefore, make sure you visit the dentist regularly and avoid the life-threatening consequences that oral cancer can have unless discovered on time.

Spot problems under the surface

Getting an X-ray of your teeth and jaw bone is another reason why you should pay a visit to your dentist every six months at least. With X-ray images, the dentist will be able to see exactly what’s hiding underneath the surface and diagnose any threatening issue. Bone decay, swelling, cysts or tumours are all invisible to the naked eye, so getting an x-ray will detect them early on. Australians have become particularly concerned about their dental health, which is why they advise regular visits to a dentist in Brisbane. In order to properly treat major oral issues, it’s critical that we find them on time.  Many diseases show little to no symptoms but can end up being detrimental for our health, which is another reason to visit your dentist regularly.

Head, neck, and lymph node check

A dentist’s check-up will go way beyond a simple teeth exam. Namely, after checking your mouth, gums, and tongue for any unusual changes or oral cancer, your dentist will also check your neck, jaw, and lymph nodes. They are located just below your jawline, and the dentist will check if there’s any swelling, lumps or other abnormalities. Major health issues can be spotted precisely by detecting an abnormality in one of those regions, and your dentist will alert you and instruct which doctor to visit next. Swollen lymph nodes don’t have to cause any pain or seem different, but once a professional examines them properly, they can find a sign of certain kinds of cancer or other diseases that, if detected early, can be treated quickly and successfully.

Final thoughts

Visiting your dentist regularly is vital for your oral health. Various dental problems won’t cause pain and they won’t be noticeable to the naked eye, which is why you should allow your dentist to check your mouth at least twice a year. Don’t jeopardize your health just because you’re not experiencing any discomfort, because chances are that when you start feeling pain it might be too late.


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