The Digitalization of Healthcare: 5 Keys to Progress


Posted on: 18 February 2020 by Umar Bajwa

The healthcare industry plays vital role in the overall economy of the country and so is among the huge population.

The healthcare industry plays vital role in the overall economy of the country and so is among the huge population. With every passing year, the technologies seem to grow from this industry including robotics, artificial intelligence, wearables, and artificial intelligence, all of which are supporting to make the industry further accurate and efficient. Since the digital age has touched everything, it has made it convenient for the organizations in this sector to enjoy the advancement and of course those amazing benefits.

  • Improved coordination with the patients

Where the healthcare providers are digitalized, they make it easier and simpler for the patients to be with them on the same page. One of the major benefits that the patients find is that there is no more need for carrying their medical record every time they have an appointment with their doctor.

  • Smart technology promotes mapping

In their modern era and the efforts made by the IT industry, the upcoming technologies are getting smarter on regular basis. From having the heart rates monitored to calculating the steps to be followed, the gadgets produced are offering much to the healthcare sector.

“Although smartphones or smartwatches are the popular ones, researches carried out shows that there are many other wearables being introduced in the market as the time passes by.”

The best about these wearable including the smartphone and smart watch is that all of these are connected to the internet which makes it easier for the doctors to monitor how the patient is progressing or if there is any alarming situation. It is even beneficial for the patients as they will not have to wait to meet the doctor, instead can have a checkup done earlier.

  • Growing awareness among the population

The world of internet is huge and similarly the motivation among the population to be aware of everything that is introduced in the market. Of course, where there is good, there is bad as well. Maybe the information they are gaining regarding their condition is not the same or may be it doesn’t suit their body and may end up lying on the stretcher in the emergency ward. It is true that experiences of people do have words today with the introduction of social media network and having it grown day by day.

“Digitization is making majority medical practitioners and experts in reaching where they can share the authentic information with their targeted audience.”

  • Greater number of innovations

As the technology is growing day by day, patients are finding it easier to grab health data on a regular basis. Such as the innovation relating the healthcare offers the patients this power to gain more of the health data. Thereby, helping the patients in capturing and promoting more of the health data.

  • Positive experience to the patients with patient inclusion and patient compliance

Rise of technology has advanced the patients too as it is no longer the time when the doctors used to prescribe and patients simply start following up their prescriptions. This means that it is no longer a one-sided thing in the healthcare sector. Instead, patients are getting more involved with the belief that it is not just the money that is involved.

“It seems that the healthcare providers are being more careful about the patients’ compliance so that positive experience can be gained by the customers.”

The use of technology not only helps the healthcare providers in turning the table towards themselves, these also help in growing and minimizing the overhead cost.

How in your point of view is technology beneficial for the health and medical industry? Have you come across any major benefit? Feel free to share with us in the comment section as below!

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